Monday, June 27, 2011

Blessings, Prayers, and Keeping Up

We're all home now. Philip is back where he belongs - with us. The crazy days are over (at least until two weeks of church camp).


My nephew (affectionately called Fen around this blog) spent last night in the hospital and will probably spend the next 48 hours there. The culprit was an abscess in his throat, which was surgically treated this morning.

As I had occasion to observe to my dad this morning, our family is so amazingly blessed. Despite the number of children in our family, our exposure to hospitals, procedures and whatnot has been blessedly small compared to what some children (and their families) go through.

Fen is a trooper and, in spite of his discomfort, I think he was actually enjoying having some of his favorite people gathered around him this morning (and yes, I include myself in that number). As he (and we) waited for his surgery, he watched the entire PBS Kids morning lineup and did not care for anyone to block his view from the Cat and the Hat or Sesame Street, so basically standard behavior for him.

I have no doubt he will have every nurse wrapped around his little finger by the time he goes home.

Please pray for him and especially for his mom and dad as you think of them throughout the next few days.

(P.S. I really do intend to get back into regular blogging, once I can spare two brain cells to rub together. Meanwhile, I'll be reading all your blogs and trying to keep up.  Alas, "trying to keep up" pretty much sums up my life right now.)

Picture: Lili's nine month old (!) hand. Speaking of people being wrapped around little fingers...


Elisabeth said...

Yikes! I'll be praying for little Fen (I thought that was his real name but I guess I should have known better!) and his parents as I know it is like to have little ones in the hospital!! How does one get an abcess on his throat anyhow?

Amy said...

Aw! :( Praying for Fen & family.
Keep paddling and we'll all meet back in the blogosphere when things settle down... whenever THAT is!

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