Saturday, June 25, 2011

Look Worthy Links - 6/25/11 Edition

What a crazy week. I feel like I've got nothing to show for it despite going everywhere (OK, just to Tennessee and back) and doing, if not everything, lots of things. I feel like I haven't seen my husband in a week, despite the fact he was only really away for two days. My house has been demanding my attention as if it's a toddler that was ignored to my peril. (How about some...Ants! And water in the basement! And, just for fun, gnats! That'll teach you to ignore me for more than a day or two! Welcome Home! Yes, I do imagine my house as a sentient creature at times, just in case you needed proof that Mrs. Candid Diversions has gone round the funny farm bend.)

Anyway, enough of all that. On to the links! (Blog links, that is. Not the golf course. I have never played golf in my life and I'm pretty sure it's going to stay that way.)

1. My friend Greyson of Snappers Photography is starting a series on how to photograph children. She knows her stuff so check it out. (P.S. Prince Charming and I may be just about ready to purchase our first SLR. Anyone have any advice for us? We do not want or need video features, if that helps narrow it down any.)

2. Have you been following the story about Debbie Reynold's costume and prop collection? (See this post and this post for some of the items) The first auction is over and it looks like a lot of the items went to Saudi Arabia or Japan. (See this Enchanted Serenity post for more) If that's true it makes me sad. These are authentic pieces of Americana and it's annoying that those Hollywood types couldn't rustle up the cash for a museum.

3. I think this Denim Bible Cover would be very practical for a kid. I'm tempted to try it except for the fact that my girls like their Bibles to be pink or purple and shiny right now.

4. We may be house hunting next year. I'll take something like this. OK, maybe not. But can you imagine one family living in a building that large? I love the idea of converting a building into a home (barn, school, firehouse, etc.) but Philip thinks it would be more work necessary. Oh, well. A girl can dream.

5. I could use a big beach bag like this now that the girls are in swim lessons and we're constantly (OK, twice a week) going to the pool.

6. Ever wondered how to fix up those ubiquitous pieces of laminate furniture? Turns out you can paint them.

7. I think this Faux Tearing Technique (for cards or scrapbooking) is neat. (Is it OK to say "neat" these days? Next thing you know I'll be saying "Jeepers")

8. This post Dispels Myths About Homemaking. I especially appreciated Myths #4 and #6. Those attitudes are personal pet peeves of mine.

9. A companion piece (from a completely unrelated blog) to the above: I Wasn't Trained to Be A Mom (But I Can Still Love it).

10. World Magazine asks if it's possible to be Too Good a Parent. This one made me think about the fact that some have called me a laid-back mom (and meant it as a complement), and some people think that's probably true but would probably mean it as condemnation, and some people think I over-parent. Which just goes to show that parenting should be between God, the two parents in question, and their progeny because those are the only people who count in the discussion. I may have to come back to this in another post...

11. In a not unrelated but completely different post, this writer wishes dads would wake up. (Language warning)

12. This is a great post about Charlotte Mason and Unit Studies. I'm not anti-unit study per se, but they're not my preferred method of homeschooling and now I know why: all the work and connections are done and made by the teacher (Mom) instead of the student (child). My homeschool method attempts to be pretty much the opposite of that.

13. This braid is adorable and makes me wish we hadn't just cut off all three oldest girls' hair. Maybe Sweet Pea still has enough to attempt it...

14. And this Gibson Roll makes me wonder if I still have enough hair to pull this off. Probably not, but I'll keep it in mind once my hair grows out a bit.

15. Another link about hemming jeans. Because I still have some un-hemmed jeans calling for me to fix them so they can be worn. (And now you know that not only our house talks to me. Ack!)

16. Finally, because it wouldn't be a good link list without some food, these Deep Dish Cookies are on my must try list.

Did you stumble on any good links this week? Share 'em in the comments!

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Kelly May said...

nikon d3000! I've been on the hunt for a dslr for a year at least, and I think I'm going to go with the d3000. no movies, and a pretty standard/ reliable beginner camera from what friends have told me.

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