Saturday, June 18, 2011

Look Worthy Links - 6/18/11 Edition

I have no pictures to share with you this week (Bad blogger! Bad!) but lots of lovely links so let's get on with it.

1. This post on getting more curb appeal caught my eye because it looks like we will be attempting to sell our house next spring. After talking to contractors and realtors, that looks like our best option. Philip and I are thankful to have finally come to a decision on this. The panic will set in later.

2. Cherry Limeade is one thing I really want to be able to make at home. Even if the recipe gets it right (or close), I still won't be to copy Sonic's ice. I'm not sure why their ice is so good - and maybe I don't want to know - but it is better than other ice.

3. Making shorts from jeans is nothing new but these are super cute and I love how she finished the hem.

4. Tomorrow is Father's Day (hurry! Buy your card before it's too late!) and I thought about making this Homemade Twix Bar dessert for my children's dad (yes, that would be my husband) but...I'm making something else instead. I'll just have to make him this some other time.

5. Amy's post on When to Say When (concerning how many children to have in a family) is a thoughtful treatment of a tricky subject. The comments are mostly  non-judgmental, if you feel like chiming in.

6. I know I've probably posted something like this before, but I really do want to make at least one of these t-shirt skirts. They just look so comfy.

7. Did you know you can make your own baking powder? Now you know.

8. Yes, I know I am a total nerd-geek-take your pick of a suitable label. And yes, I really want a Mockingjay shirt like this one.

9. 10 Words You Need to Stop Misspelling. The Oatmeal site is funny but crude, so read at your own risk.

10. 10 Things Never to Say to a Stay-At-Home Mom. Yep. Never say any of these things. We stay at home moms will smile politely while you say something stupid and then we'll write a blog post for the whole world about what a meanie you are. Be warned.

11. How to Blog Without a Niche. I really appreciated this post because, as I've thought about blogging more consistently and possibly reaching a wider audience, I know I've violated the first "rule" other bloggers always talk about: choose your niche and stick with it.

I've thought about changing this blog, about creating a new blog (who has the time!), changing the name, changing the name it and I've thought about it in order to "fix" my blog. But, as you can probably tell, I've decided against all those things, at least for now. This is my blog and it will continue to be about whatever catches my eye (those "diversions" in the title) and I will be telling you what a I really think about stuff (the "candid" part). There will be lots of books, some homeschooling, some parenting, a dash of a craft or two, pictures of the cutest children on the planet (ahem), personal anecdotes and probably a thousand other things. And that's OK.

What caught your eye this week? This post is linked to Saturday Stumbles at Simply Staci. Come share your links and see what other folks have stumbled on this week.


MacKenzie said...

I love Sonic ice!

My mom always treated us to cherry limeades on the way home from our homeschool co-ops and even now when I drink one, I have flashbacks to orchestra and dissection class. Good times.

Staci said...

Lots of great links! Some of those things not to say to a SAHM made me cringe! Yikes!

Thanks for linking up!!

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