Saturday, June 11, 2011

Look Worthy Links - 6/11/11 Edition

Food For Thought:
1. How a Teacher's Rally Made Me Anti-Education (I can honestly tell you that I am not "anti-education" but I am for critical thinking about everything, especially sacred cows.)

2. 10 Questions to Help Gauge the Quality of Your Child's Education.

3. A Homeschool Mom Muses on Graduation Season. Each homeschool family approaches graduation a little bit differently. I could have gone to our "umbrella school" and walked with the graduates. I did not do that. My parents gave me a reception, complete with cap and gown. So, there are options but I suppose it will always be a sensitive subject. (One thing I missed out on: class ranking. I can tell you that I was first in my class and it would be perfectly true but, obviously, I was also the only person in my class.)

4. Since I Had a Baby. This post takes on one of those annoying commercials that seems to imply life ends after baby so put it off as long as possible. (Side note: one of my favorite things about the "Cross the Bridge for Life" activity that my family went to last Sunday: our slightly-larger-than-"normal" family blended right in. Of course, our BC view is closer to the Catholic than the typical "Protestant" view, as I understand them. But I don't really want to get too deep into that today.) My babies haven't kept me from doing anything I really want to do (like finish college, go to England, write, etc.).

5. Mental Multivitamin posted about an interesting study on Social Darwinism that seems to suggest friendships decay unless actively cultivated but "kin" relationships do not. The whole study is lengthy and controversial but this is an interesting bit of it. I tend to agree with this conclusion, although not unreservedly.
Fun Stuff:
1. How to clean a chalkboard wall. I love chalkboard walls you can see everywhere in blog land (especially Pinterest). This tutorial will help keep those walls in tip-top shape. (We don't have one. Yet. Just think how useful a chalkboard wall would be for homeschooling!)

2. This parachute wedding dress is exquisite. The story about it is amazing: It saved the groom's life before its new life as a dress.

3. This story is a great example of a big bank getting a taste of its own medicine. (Don't you love it when the little guys win?)

4. I love this anniversary gift: map hearts. I definitely need to make this sometime, even if not as an anniversary gift. (Side note: our anniversary is only eight days away! Twelve years! Ten of the best years of my life. *Rim shot*)

1. Seven Layer Cookies into Ten or Eleven Layer Cookies. (If I make this recipe, it will be back down into 9 or 10 layers because I'll omit the nuts. I'm sure they're fantastic no matter what.)

2. Oreo Cheesecake: two of my favorite treats combined into one beautiful dessert.

3. Chocolate Peanut Butter Torte. I wonder the best way to make this without a Pampered Chef torte pan - any ideas? I used to have such a pan (actually it comes as a set of two) but I didn't use it often enough to justify keeping it.

4. And, last week I posted a recipe for Samoan Cake. This week's Girl Scout related treat: Thin Mint Cake. You're welcome.
And, I would be remiss if I didn't acknowledge that this week was Fen's (my nephew) second birthday. Happy Birthday to one of the lights of my life! If I hadn't been so busy chasing you around and playing your favorite game (TACKLE!), maybe I would have had time to mention it yesterday. {wink}

So anyway, what caught your eye this week?

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Karin said...

You always share such fun stuff! I put the parachute wedding dress story on my fb - great responses! Cool story! Those 7-11 layer cookie bars - have made them since we were married - 45 yrs. ago. I think the recipe was from Eagle Brand Condensed Milk. Sounds like it would be great with the toffee chips - that is, if I still baked!

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