Thursday, June 9, 2011

Library Books for This Week

Our library reading program is in full swing - my girls have turned into reading machines complete with stopwatches (for those tracking minutes) and towering stacks of books (for those tracking books). Here are a few books they came home with this week:

Charlie the Ranch Dog1. Charlie the Ranch Dog. The Pioneer Woman wrote a children's book. Of course she did. (She's already done everything else) Anyway, this book is cute and the illustrations are rich and detailed.

The Mixed-Up Chameleon2. The Mixed-Up Chameleon by Eric Carle. Fantastic illustrations (as ever) and a great - but not heavy handed - moral (which reminds me of I Wish That I Had Duck Feet) about wishing to be something you are not.

A Birthday for Frances3. A Birthday for Frances by Russell Hoban. This must be the only Frances book we don't own. (Unless we do own it and the girls forgot. That's happened before.) Everyone in our family loves Frances. (Have I mentioned that one of our girls is a Frances?)

Spot's Hide-and-Seek4. Spot's Hide and Seek by Eric Hill. Sweet Pea is a fan of Spot.

What's There? (Walker Surprise)5. What's There? by Melanie Walsh. This is a board book with flaps to lift. Fen and Lili have enjoyed this one.

Ramona and Her Father6. Ramona and Her Father by Beverly Cleary. Tigger is really enjoying all the Ramona books these days. However, she's counting books instead of minutes for the program so she has now switched back to picture books, in order to maximize her numbers. {wink}

The Finders Keepers Mystery (The Boxcar Children Mysteries #99)7. The Finders Keepers Mystery. A Boxcar Children book. Polly loves a good mystery. She devours these books.

West to a Land of Plenty: The Diary of Teresa Angelino Viscardi, New York to Idaho Territory, 1883 (Dear America)8. West to a Land of Plenty by Jim Murphy. (Part of the Dear America series). Another Polly favorite: historical fiction. (Wonder where she learned to love that?)

Lost on the Amazon (Choose Your Own Adventure #9)9. Lost on the Amazon by R.A. Montgomery and

Search for the Mountain Gorillas (Choose Your Own Adventure #25)10. Search for the Mountain Gorillas by Jim Wallace. Both of these are "choose your own adventure" books. Polly - like her dad before her - delights in these books. She'll curl up on the couch with several and you can hear her announce such chilling things as "Oh, I just died." or "Well, I ended up in the river. Better try again."

What are you reading? And are you involved in a library reading program? Our program started June 1 and our girls already have their first prizes (except for Tigger who has already earned two prizes. As Philip observed: she's in the reading program sweet spot, young enough to only track books but old enough to be a strong reader and finish them quickly).

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MacKenzie said...

I just signed Lucy up for her first summer reading program, it was very exciting (for me, hot here. Although she did get excited about eating the bookmark they gave her).

They only have the option to track books and I'm hoping we max out at the 50 limit. Of course, her books are short but that is balanced out by the fact that I don't count repeats and we repeat books a lot around here :-)

silly eagle books said...

I had no idea, The Pioneer Woman wrote a children's book, but as you said, of course she did. :) I'll have to look for that one. We love Frances around here, too and I think that birthday one is the only one missing from our collection as well. Must remedy that.

Amy said...

Ours starts Monday and will have a popcorn theme this year ("Pop" open a good book). The kids get a little bag of fresh popped popcorn with every visit!
We have the option of tracking books (Alan) or, instead of minutes, we track pages (Dale).

"Gram" said...

I joined the reading program, too, and did so online. I told the girls about it as we drove to tkd. Not sure they were impressed. And what can I say? I wish I was "in the sweet spot" although minutes for readiing lately have been hard to come by so maybe I should be glad I need to just count books instead!

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