Saturday, May 28, 2011

Look - Worthy Links 5/28/11 Edition

1. My husband has a new game coming out soon. He wanted me to mention this to my wide readership. I told him my ad rates are very steep. What can I say? He met my demands. So: Kingdom of Solomon - coming soon! And you can even get a copy signed by the creator (my husband!).

2. These tile coasters are fantastic and I'd love to make some. They'd make great gifts. So if you, you know, get gifts from me, please forget you saw this.

3. These homemade shelves with cubbies are amazing. I'm guessing they'd be less expensive than the Target or IKEA kind but that would probably depend on your skill as a woodworker and how many extra boards you require per project.

4. I have never figured out the deal with scarves although I remember my mom carrying them off when I was a kid (way back in the '80's). This post featuring tips from 1951 for tying scarves makes me think I should try again. Then again, maybe not. What say you, fearless in fashion blog readers?

5. I enjoyed reading these 10 Rules for Writing Fiction from various authors. Some of the advice is contradictory but I still found the article helpful. Also: wow, I really need to get back in the habit of writing every day. {sigh}

6. My sister and her husband celebrated 7 years of marriage this week. Only they celebrated many miles apart (he's in the air-force). She wrote a great post about marriage. (Yes, I'm bragging. My sisters are amazing people and I'm letting their awesomeness reflect on me as often as possible.)

7. This is a thoughtful post on Homeschooled Kids and Rebellion. I do find that trying to minimize youthful rebellion is a possible contributing reason to why we homeschool, but it isn't the only reason. Also, just as public schooled students don't always rebel against their Christian parents (and I'm thankful they don't - I'm married to a public school graduate!), homeschooled kids don't always grow up free of rebelliousness. Christian parents are called to raise their children for God but, once a child is grown, the responsibility lies with the newly minted adult. (Yes, that means there will be no "but my parents didn't..." excuses around this blog)

8. And now for some lighter things:
First, House Rules by Not a Supermom.
And Second: A Letter of Regret from Baroness Schraeder. I might - just might, mind you - have spit out my drink while reading this the first time. Oh, the snark!

What did you stumble on this week? This post is linked to Saturday Stumbles at Simply Staci.


Philip said...

Thanks, Honey!

Karin said...

Fun list! I clicked 'like' on facebook for your hubby's game. Would be good to have a share on facebook button. Loved the site with the Baroness' letter. Too funny!!

Lisa said...

Aw I'm glad you liked my post. Thanks for the link!

Staci said...

As a huge Sound of Music fan, I LOVED the Baroness' letter :) Too funny! Thanks for linking up!!

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