Saturday, May 21, 2011

Look-Worthy Links 5/21/11 Edition

May makes for Crazy Times, right? Or that could just be us. Mother's Day. Three family birthdays (including my own), an anniversary, and, this year, two graduations.

Like I said: crazy times.
1. We've been rearranging and redecorating here at Chez Charming. In the girls' room (and yes, all 4 girls sleep in the same small bedroom) we have some picture ledges like this. Ours came from IKEA but this is a great way to build your own, possibly for less than they would cost at IKEA. (Possibly. IKEA prices are, generally speaking, fantastic.) Ours have some of our favorite books and Beatrix Potter prints.

2. This headboard bench is amazing. If the crib that I and all of my siblings used ever just falls apart, we should make this. (Because, as far as I know, my mom still has that crib. Actually - don't tell anyone - we used this crib with Polly too.)
3. I think even I could manage a t-shirt skirt. (Bonus: they're super cute) Now all I have to do is pry some t-shirts out of Prince Charming's death grip. (Have I ever mentioned that the man would still be wearing the same clothes he had in high school if I didn't ease them away from him?)

4. Speaking of crafts I can manage, I know I can do this: Prettying Up Regular Pens. How do I know? I tried it as soon as I saw the blog post describing it. Now I have an adorable red and white polka dot pen.
5. This dyed button tutorial seems like it might come in handy down the road. What is it about buttons that makes them so stinkin' cute?!

6. Cookie Dough Brownies: why has no one thought of this before? And why I have I not had any yet?!

7. Truffle Cheesecake with Raspberry Sauce. This blogger is definitely speaking my language. (Side note because I know you are wondering: the Black Tie Mousse cakes Prince Charming made me were fabulous. So, so good! And we had a lot. My family didn't even finish one of the cakes at my party. So I get to have more tomorrow. And most likely the next day.)
8.This article tells us that relationships that agree on politics are more likely to be long lasting. To which I say: duh. Seriously. Was there any doubt that the more points a couple has in common the more likely they are to want to stay together?

9. The census seems to report that the number of long lasting marriages is increasing. I think that's something to celebrate, although I (for obvious and possibly not so obvious reasons) disagree with the conclusion that marrying later in life should receive the credit for this turn around.
10. Russell Moore asked, "Can Romance Novels Hurt Your Heart?" It's a thought provoking post, even if I don't think there is an easy answer. I think there are books no one has any business writing, much less reading. I think there are books that everyone ought to read. And yes, I think there are some grey areas in between. I think the last paragraph of his essay is the most important. Anything we read, watch, or even see in another couple that causes us to be discontented with our own spouse is doing grave harm.

So, what did you stumble on this week? This post is linked to Saturday Stumbles at Simply Staci.


MacKenzie said...

"ease them away from him" - that is next on my learning-to-be-a-good-wife to do list. My current approach involves freaking out when I see old pictures of him in clothes I recognize from his closet, but it doesn't work so well.

Elisabeth said...

Brad and I both have shirts from high school that we still wear (my 10 yr reunion is this summer!). The only difference between mine and his is that mine don't have holes in the armpits! My approach to getting rid of his worn out shirts is to do it when he's not home. If he hasn't worn it in along time or it is torn up, it goes! Maybe not the best approach but it gets the job done.

Also, I see a paci in Lili's mouth in one picture. Didn't some of your kids not take one? Abigail ismy one child who won't take one, or hasn't figured it out yet. I used to always say I wish my others wouldn't take one, when they were little. Now that I have a child who won't, sometimes (ok, a lot of times) I wish she would just take the goofy thing already!! So do you have any advice about what to do with a screaming baby who wants to suck, besides nurse?!

"Gram" said...

Yes, I still have the Jenny Lind crib.

No, you may not have it for a craft project yet. :)

On the other hand, I do have the footboard from the bedroom set we replaced a few years ago that might do in a pinch. It definitely doesn't have all the neat curlicues of a Jenny Lind, but I'd be glad to let you have it, especially since Lisa took headboard and redid it for her house and Princess took the rest of the pieces, painted them, and has used them for several years. Seems only right for you to get part of the historical set.

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