Monday, May 23, 2011

Dear Lili - 8 Months

Dear Lili,
There are several reasons I didn't write you last month, not least of which was the death of your Great-Mema. It really makes me sad that you won't have a chance to know her. You do have an alphabet quilt she made you and you play on it nearly every day - you love the bright colors. I'm glad you have that to keep and remind you of a great-grandparent who loved you very much.
You've grown and changed so much in the past two months - you've outgrown your Bumbo seat, for one. So you sit in the regular high chair and you're so proud of how big you are and that you're at the table with us. You look around the table to make sure we're all in our seats where we belong.
Yes, you like to read while Mom & Dad get meals together. You also like to eat! So far, sweet potatoes are your favorite. You've had some carrots too, but you weren't too sure about the taste. You ate them anyway.
Gram and Grandad gave you some "puffs" in your Easter basket. You love them as a special treat (usually when I'm trying to buy some extra time). Cheerios are also an acceptable substitute. You don't sleep through the night yet but that's OK.

Another new thing in your life these past two months: your cousin Fen spends three days a week with us while his parents are at work. He's crazy about you and calls you "My Baby". You think he's pretty neat and you love to sit and play with him. I've gotten pretty good at holding both of you at the same time, when necessary, and you don't seem to mind sharing your Mama.
You don't care for your play mat any more - you'd rather sit on your ABC quilt instead of spending time on your tummy or back. You can scoot backwards but you haven't quite figured out crawling. It's only a matter of time - you never stay where I put you, one way or another. You love it when your sisters and Fen are all playing on the floor around you. I just have to watch carefully to be sure you don't eat any Legos or Playmobil pieces!
I think you're the happiest baby ever. And now you've decided that people other than Mama are acceptable - you actually smile when you see your Gram or your Aunt these days instead of crying. Not a moment too soon - I think you were going to give them a complex if you had kept that up much longer. {smile}

Your Daddy calls you "The Cutest One Yet" but only if your big sisters aren't listening. Every age you've been has been my favorite time and right now is no exception - I've said it before but I'm convinced you are absolutely perfect. If we could just slow down the next couple of months...I'm not ready for you to be a year old!



Elisabeth said...

Awww! That is so sweet! She is so cute! I love her chubby little arms! And Fen looks like his dad.

MacKenzie said...

I love that first picture. It's like she saying, "yes, I know I'm cute!"

"Gram" said...

Yes, I am truly thankful she got past that nasty habit of crying every time she saw me! Grandparents are supposed to be the people little ones want to see. :)

Vicky said...

I so agree with all the prior comments! And, the fact that daddy says, "the cutest one...yet..." tells me you may not be finished with the baby clothes! :D

I'm sad that my grandchildren will not have the privilege of knowing my parents, too! They were wonderful people and I miss them very much! Wish you could've known them, too! I'm so thankful for every minute our kids got to spend with them!

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