Thursday, May 26, 2011

Being Candid About Blogging

  • Blogging has been a real blessing in my life - I've always had something to say and now I have an outlet for saying it. If blogs didn't exist, I'd...well, I don't know. I'd do whatever it was I did before I got my first blog, way back in 2006. (I seem to recall some message boards and Yahoo groups that drove me nuts)
  • Blogging involves balance between sharing too little (presenting too rosy a picture) and sharing too much (ignoring privacy or personal concerns). I have not yet figured out what this balance ought to look like for me. I know it means not sharing my children's real names (even though they are cool names). I know it means not sharing anything my husband would not want me to share.
  • Bloggers who say, "There are no cool kids" are probably the cool kids. At the very least they've never been left out in their lives. 
  • Bloggers who lament "only 1000" followers or subscribers or whatnot make me roll my eyes. Likewise for people who constantly talk about ad rates or sponsors. I'd be happy to make enough Amazon affiliate fees to get a direct deposit. (That's $10, by the way. I'm not there yet.)
  • Blogging creates a dichotomy (possibly false) between the "real" me and the online me. In some ways the online me is more real. In other ways, she's more edited, more what I would be like if I weren't the Worlds Greatest Introvert since Emily Dickinson.(OK, maybe I'm not that bad. But there are days...)
  • Blogging sometimes involves disappointment. I don't have a large readership but I feel like I've already let a few people down. ("I thought you would be funnier / smarter / a better parent...")
  • Blogging has, like many things, a learning curve. Finding a distinct voice, finding a niche, using proper enough - as opposed to perfect - grammar (for instance: beginning sentences with a conjunction is fine, misusing your/you're is just sloppy. Or that could just be me. Everyone has their own grammar pet peeves. Or is it his / her own?  Whatever.)
  • Blogging helps me stay in touch with far away friends and family. I've never been a phone girl, not even as a teenager. People waiting for me to call them may be in for a long wait. (Reminds me of the line from The King's Speech: "Waiting for me to... commence a conversation, one can wait rather a long wait.")
  • Blog posts (can be) like dynamite. See this post for more about that. I especially appreciate the questions to ask before posting. I need to remind myself of these before hitting the publish button.
  • Blogging is more fun when it's a conversation. I've been trying to comment on other blogs more frequently, especially new to me blogs. However, if there are already more than 25 comments or so, I don't bother. "Great post" or "I agree" are repetitious after that point. This probably varies for each blogger / commenter.
Also: I can't believe I haven't used these bullet points in a blog post before now.

Thoughts, opinions, corrections, questions? Specifically about blogging, but just in general is OK too. {smile}


"Gram" said...

I used to keep a diary or journal and would let no one read it. Now I blog. I consider it a somewhat edited version of the diary entries I'd write if I still wrote in long-hand. The big difference is that now a few people might read it, hence the editing.

I TRY to be careful with contraction homonym mistakes, misplaced modifiers, and subject-verb agreement. Beyond that, I'm lost. You probably know that better than anyone having had me as one of your homeschool teachers for 13 years.

And yes, I'm one of those who likes to start sentences with conjunctions. (Sorry! I couldn't resist.) :)

Vicky said...

My only disappointment for blogging is that I don't do it regularly!

Grammar - What your mom said (whatever that means, lol!) But, even though grammar is not one of my specialties, spelling was a pretty good one! Not only does using your/you're incorrectly drive me insane, there's also there/their! I know, you just didn't want to list ALL of them.........but those are probably the 2 worst!

Thanks, BTW, for your comments on Liz's blog giving her permission to let some things go while she is not feeling one young mommy to another!


Amy said...

I really liked this post. Not the most pithy comment I could leave, I know, but I can identify with so much of what you said that I didn't want to let this post pass without saying SOMEthing!
Also: didn't know about the bullets. Might be handy one o' these days. :)

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