Wednesday, May 11, 2011

30 for 30 - Words

Some words are just better than others, whether because of their meaning, their sound, or the fact that they're just plain fun to say. Here are the first 30 that came to mind:

1. Glisten (unlike the word "moist" which is just gross)
2. Sparkle
3. Mossy
4. Tapestry
5. Verisimilitude
6. Adore
7. Cherish
8. Whisper
9. Zebra
10. Calliope
11. Giggle
12. Sonorous
13. Celerity
14. Vertiginous
15. Pusillanimous
16. Reminiscent
17. Progeny
18. Fascination
19. Synecdoche
20. Mirth
21. Melody
22. Eternity
23. Infinity
24. Heroic
25. Pulchritude - this word's meaning doesn't fit its sound at all
26. Froideur
27. Salubrious
28. Iridescent
29. Cynosure
30. Encyclical

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Amy said...

Mmm... a list to savor. Words are so fun. I must share this list with my mom. She likes words too, and often uses them in her art.
And I SO hear you on 'moist'. Ew.

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