Wednesday, May 18, 2011

30 for 30 - Things I've Learned

1. Always make a list
2. Pray first, during and after
3. Laughing is contagious
4. It’s Not About Me
5. Sing Loudly
6. Loyalty may be misplaced but it’s never wasted
7. Brush your teeth
8. Call your sisters
9. Use the good stuff
10. Color outside the lines if you want to
11. Pursue improvement, not perfection
12. Practice makes better
13. Go to England
14. Live within your means
15. Give generously – you won’t regret it
16. God always provides, although not always in the expected way at the expected time
17. Don’t wait until you “have enough money” to have a child
18. Eat dessert
19. All haircuts eventually grow out
20. Stupid doesn’t have to be permanent
21. Always defend the weak and defenseless
22. Tears are temporary
23. Ask for help
24. Say “I’m sorry.” Mean it.
25. You can always re-paint
26. Wear red
27. Don’t smoke or drink and you won’t regret it
28. Go outside every once in awhile
29. Write something every day
30. Take a lot of pictures

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