Monday, May 16, 2011

30 for 30 - Things I Wish

Or, things I might be wishing when I blow out the candles on my cake but you'll never know because if you tell, it definitely won't come true:

1. I was taller
2. We had a grocery store within walking distance
3. I wasn’t shy
4. I always knew the right thing to say
5. I could speak flawless French
6. Money grew on trees. In my yard.
7. I had enjoyed my older children’s younger days more
8. I had a book ready to publish
9. I could sing high notes
10. Our house wasn’t on this street
11. My political nominees would always win
12. There would never be another “news” story about anyone named Hilton, Kardashian, or Lohan.
13. I could have twice as many kids. (I suppose, technically, I could. But I don’t think that’s going to happen.)
14. I was more of a morning person
15. Firefly was still on TV.
16. Philip and I could have more “just us” time when we could go out together. (I know that this will eventually come true. It’s just this season of life can occasionally be discouraging in this respect)
17. All the people I care about lived within an hour or two of my house.
18. I didn’t have to explain horrible things to my children. (The Holocaust, Abortion, Sin in general)
19. Women & men still wore hats in public. Or at least, you know, something nicer than their pajamas.
20. I owned a Steinway grand and
21. Had room in my house for aforesaid grand piano
22. Houses were self cleaning
23. I actually enjoyed sewing
24. We had an in-ground heated swimming pool
25. I could spend part of every year in England
26. I could eat whatever I wanted and not gain a pound (actually, I do pretty much eat whatever I want but it’s not without certain consequences)
27. Someone would invent a reliable personal printer where the ink didn’t cost an arm and a leg and paper never jammed
28. Working outside didn’t make me itchy
29. I was slightly more athletic. I say slightly because I don’t actually want to be an athlete or anything.
30. I had accomplished more by this point in my life. I’m not saying I feel like I’ve wasted my time but I certainly thought I would have done more by the time I turned 30.

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