Thursday, May 19, 2011

30 for 30 - Things for the Next 30 Years

 1. Get another college degree
2. Take a swim class
3. Ride a train (again)
4. Take Tigger to swim with manatees
5. Go horseback riding
6. Finish my novel(s)
7. Go to Australia
8. Be quoted by someone
9. Stay up all night reading (figured I’d better include some easy ones!)
10. Organize something for someone else
11. Get (and use) a nice camera
12. Cook through a cookbook, though probably nothing by Julia Child
13. See Wales (I missed it on our first UK trip)
14. Re-learn French
15. Brush up on my American Sign Language
16. Drive a convertible
17. Go to Cedar Point and ride everything
18. Consult on something
19. See all my daughters marry godly young men
20. Spoil some grandchildren
21. Teach a class
22. See all 50 states
23. Be completely debt free & "live like no-one else"
24. Have a car of my own
25. Attend a Broadway musical. On Broadway.
26. Make some new friends and keep all the old ones
27. Write a non-fiction book
28. Serve a short term mission work
29. Grow ever closer to God - always seeking His plan & will for my life, no matter how long this life may be
30. Throw a huge 60th birthday bash!


Pastor David Pitman said...

I pray all of those and more come true for my fav(cough)er first daughter

Toni said...

I can help you with number 10. You can come organize my life. You can start with my closets! :)

Amy said...

I love your list. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy reading it. Some big dreams, some simple ones... all attainable.
Have you checked off Texas yet? You can come see us! Maybe when you marry off a daughter or two to my (hopefully!) godly son(s). ;)

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