Friday, May 13, 2011

30 for 30 - Pet Peeves or Annoyances

The first 1-10 are book related and can be found in this list.
11. Typos on store signs. Especially price tags.
12. Cursing, especially in casual conversation where I don't have the choice of "muting" the offender.
13. Long fingernails tapping on piano keys.
14. Turn signals left on.
15. "Pudding skin" (you know: that film over a bowl of pudding. Gross!)
16. Treating church as optional.
17. Robo-calls
18. Poor customer service
19. Car radios so loud that my windows rattle while you drive by
20. Blog posts posted on over 2 carnivals. Sure, I get that you want to increase your viewers. But when you link one post to 17 different blog carnivals or parties, I look down on you.
21. Library magazines missing pages
22. Consistent misuse of the word "literally"
23. Persons who drench themselves in perfume
24. Gross out humor (also: comedy built on hurting others)
25. Grown men or women acting like adolescents or toddlers (The world doesn't need any more Princess Drama Queen Divas.)
26.TV commercials with bears advertising toilet paper
27. Loud cell phone talkers at the library or grocery store
28. Litter (especially cigarette butts. So gross.)
29. Line jumpers
30. Misapplied scripture or over-dependence on proof texts

As Philip said when I told him I was writing this list, "Only 30? That's only going to scratch the surface for you." No kidding. Now, after Blogger's massive shut-down of the past day or so, I'm adding:
31. Blogger. Which wouldn't let me post or comment, wouldn't publish scheduled posts and, worst of all, ate my scheduled post for Sunday which was a long one. Bah!

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Amy said...

I cracked up at number 13. My mom had long fingernails for several years when I was a little girl and I used to love hearing her fingernails click on the piano keys! :)

But OH how I despise the toilet-paper selling bears.

Come on... go for a 30 pet-peeves part 2! We'll all nod our heads right along with you!

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