Sunday, May 15, 2011

30 for 30 - People I Love

And now, the sappy list:

1. Philip. My favorite-ist human being ever. It still amazes me that I get to be married to him and be his favorite person too.

2-5. My girls. The greatest blessing in my life and they are indescribably precious to me.

6&7. My parents. No, they weren't (and aren't) perfect.Which is just as well because I was not (and am not) a perfect daughter. So that works out just fine: they are the perfect parents for me.

8-10. My sisters and brother. I'm crazy about this crew. They're my best friends, my cheering squad, my humility enforcers. (After all, they know me better than most.)

11. My nephew, Fen. He makes me smile; he keeps me jumping. He shows me just how much I can love a child to whom I did not give birth.

12-15. My grandparents. The four wisest, kindest, most helpful and funniest people I know. Plus, I get the impression they are all kind of crazy about yours truly. {smile}

16&17. My in-laws. I have to admit: I don't always understand them and they don't always understand me. But that, ultimately, doesn't matter. I hit the in-law jackpot and I know it. (This includes my in-law grandparents. I'm so lucky to be a member of their family and I really appreciate Philip sharing them with me!)

18&19. My brother & sister-in-law. I've known my brother-in-law since he was 18 months old, so our friendship is one of long duration. He did a wonderful job of finding me a new sister (OK, I think God helped) She is a fantastic addition to our family and I anticipate many fun years ahead of us.

20. My newest nephew. I'm not saying he's always happy, but he's almost always happy. Another smile bringer is always a welcome thing. I apologize in advance for all the spoiling I intend to do. After all, I don't see him often, so I'm going to have to make my Aunt-ing experiences count in a big way.

21&22. My two brothers-in-law. I've known both of these guys almost all of their lives. I can't imagine our family without either one of them. (Plus, anyone who would take my sisters off our hands deserves a little praise. I kid, I kid.)

23. My aunts & uncles. I don't have many but those I do have are dear to me. I respect and admire them and I always enjoy their company. Besides, once you start counting the greats and great-greats, I am abundantly blessed with aunts and uncles.

24. Cousins. I only have 3 first cousins and I'm thankful for each one of them and their families. As an adult, I'm getting to know some further removed cousins and I'm increasingly thankful for them. It turns out that once removed or second cousins can make great friends, too.

25. Mentors. I had several extremely important mentors growing up. I can't say any of them are actively involved in my life now, but God used them in my life at just the right time.

26. Childhood friends. Thanks to the wonder of Facebook, I'm in contact with many of the people who grew up with me.I haven't always been the best about staying in touch, but it's definitely easier now. This goes for my childhood pen-pals and Church Camp friends, too.

27. College (High school) Friends. These were Philip's friends first and then they became mine too. I can't imagine our lives without them. We make an effort to stay in touch, to let our kids spend time together and to keep these relationships strong because they are so worth it. Definitely some of my favorite people!

28. Church friends. God has always led us to the church we needed to be in at the time we needed to be there. In our current church, God has blessed us with a great church family. We never thought we would be here this long (11 years this year!) but I'm really glad it's worked out this way. We enjoy some truly sweet relationships that have grown up here.

29. Blog friends. My favorite thing about blogging has been getting to know some new people. This medium has enabled me to build some new relationships that are no less real or important to me for their distance. I’m thankful for those of you whom I’ve met thanks to blogging.

30. New friends. Yes, I'm almost 30 years old. No matter how introverted I may be, I anticipate making some new friends in the coming years. It's crazy to think about, but when I re-write this list as an almost 60 year old woman (because, of course, I will write a list) someone that I don't even know right now will be on there. How exciting!

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