Monday, May 9, 2011

30 for 30 - My Dream House

I'm too lazy to go outside and take a new picture so, just to remind you what our house looks like:
There's less snow now.

Anyway, we are not currently living in my dream house. Sometimes I feel like our house actually looks more like this:
I enjoy exaggerating, as you can tell.

All that just to warn you: this is real "Dream House" list. I will not, at the end of my list, be saying, "Well, would you look at that! I'm already living in my dream house."

1. More than 1,000 square feet. That doesn't seem like a lot to ask for, does it? We currently live in less than 900 square feet. All six of us. Do the math. I day dream about 2,000 or, if my dreams are seriously decadent, 3,000 square feet of living space.

2. A Large front porch with:

3. A porch swing.
Source: Pinterest
4. A red front door.

5. Space where I can set up my scrapbook / sewing / writing stuff and not have to pick it up. Maybe I would share this space with Philip so he could leave out his game stuff. Maybe. Might as well be generous in my daydream, I suppose.

6. A deck on the back.

7. A separate garage out back with an apartment over it. Where I my guests can spend the night.

8. Hardwood floors throughout, except the bathrooms.

9. A kitchen large enough to have an island - not a cooktop island. I'm not a fan of those. Or those separate sinks. Does anyone other than Martha Stewart really use two sinks?

10. A laundry room. With a laundry chute. And by "laundry room" I mean, "a room that is bright and cheerful and designed for ease" that is not in the dungeon of the house. A dream house does not have a dungeon.

11. At least one working fireplace. And, since this is a dream house, I'd like it be a real wood burning fireplace that isn't drafty and also cleans itself. Someone get on that.

12. Divided light windows like this:
13.At least one, but preferably more, window seats. With pillows.

14. Two staircases: front stairs for making an entrance and kitchen stairs so you can run upstairs without your guests seeing you. (I have always wanted two sets of stairs. This could be the fault of the Cosby show.)

15. A master bath. With a soaking tub and - this is the clincher - no tub toys. No rubber ducks. No boats. No squeeze toys. Actually, let's just go ahead and say that - should there ever be one - Mom's Bathroom is off limits to children.

16. A walk in closet. I had one of these in our first apartment. It was so big we set up Philip's computer desk in there. I'd like to have one again. And then I would probably keep all our clothes in there so putting clothes away is that much easier.

17. A wrought iron gate to the garden. This whole "garden" concept would work better if my dream house came equipped with a gardener, of course.

18. My dream house would not have one of those cavernous spaces that people call a "Great Room". The only two story space might be the entryway. So I can have a chandelier. But other than that: no great rooms.

19. Exposed brick inside in at least one room. Right now my bedroom has some exposed brick, which is one of the things I actually like about my room.

20. A farmhouse sink big enough and deep enough to bathe children in. Not that I actually want to bathe children in it, but that's how big it needs to be.

21. A large attic full of interesting stuff. That is accessible via stairs or something. Old trunks and dress forms optional, I suppose.

22. A playroom or finished basement that the children actually play in.

23. A library with a rolling ladder. Doesn't have to be as big as the one in Beauty and the Beast, but hey, we're dreaming big here.

24. A gallery wall. Sure, by the time I get to do this, they will be passé, but I don't care. My gallery wall will have family pictures, pictures of our ancestors, movie stars, historical figures, and silhouettes. Because it's my wall and I can do what I want.

25. Vintage look bathroom fixtures, much like the ones we put in our bathroom remodel:
 26. Built in bookshelves. White. Some with glass doors. Some floor to ceiling. Some 1/2 height.

27. A pantry.

28. Retro looking appliances. Whether these are vintage rebuilt or new vintage looking models doesn't really matter.

29. A mudroom. That never gets muddy. OK, whatever, it might get muddy every once in awhile. It would be equipped with shower for removing aforesaid mud and also with a device for drying out mittens and gloves and snowboots.

30. Self cleaning. Wait - that probably doesn't work even in dream houses. OK, I would wish that, despite being 3 times larger than the house I live in now, we wouldn't fill it up with stuff we didn't believe to be beautiful or know to be useful (my apologies to William Morris) just because we could. I hope I would apply everything I know about small space living to a larger space. Because then we would actually have, you know, space.

So, what's your dream house look like?


Lisa said...

Okay I want most if not all the things on your list, but definitely the double staircase. I mean, come on, they're sooo cool!

Mel said...

"A library with a rolling ladder. Doesn't have to be as big as the one in Beauty and the Beast, but hey, we're dreaming big here."

I always think of the library in Beauty and the Beast whenever I think of the library I'd like to have in my house. That really is just me drifting off into cloud cuckoo land though. :)

But to be honest, I don't really know what my dream house looks like. Everyone else has so much detail but all I have is a set of vague ideas and one or two things that I absolutely must have. I really want a power shower in a proper shower cubicle, not just attached to a bath and a massive great brick barbecue. Those are probably achievable. The library and entrance hall and standing on its own bit of land are unlikely to be achievable.

What I'd like is a completely detached house but it's more common here for houses to be built in ugly great chains. The few properties that do stand on their own tend to carry an astronomical house valuation as well, so I'm probably going to have to settle for semi detached.

Guess that's why they call it a "dream" house. said...

856 square feet. Yes, we understand your wishes clearly. Sigh, next time I find the house fairy I'm gonna pluck her wings off till we both get dream homes.

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