Tuesday, May 17, 2011

30 for 30 - I'm Thankful For:

1. Roses or
2. Weeds, lovingly picked and carried in, "Just for you, Mom!"
3. Someone else cooking me a meal
4. Sunshine after rain
5. Mail that isn’t bills or circulars
6. Rainbows
7. Umbrellas and rain boots
8. A frosty glass with vanilla coke and crushed ice
9. Cinnamon scented candles
10. Puppies. Other people’s puppies.
11. New babies. Especially my own, but just babies in general, too.
12. Long hot showers or
13. Bubble baths
14. Hot chocolate not made from a mix
15. Cotton t-shirts
16. New notebooks
17. Fine point ink pens
18. Well tuned pianos
19. Hot cup of tea on a cold morning
20. Dancing to swing music with my daughters when we’re supposed to be cleaning
21. Heated swimming pools
22. Winning a card or board game
23. Watermelon in July
24. Concerts in the park
25. Swinging as high as possible at a playground
26. Crackling fire in a fireplace during the winter
27. Cards and poems from the girls
28. New book smell. (Some folks like “new car smell”, I like new books)
29. Roller coasters
30. Late night talks

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