Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Quick Takes on the Big Trek

We left on a Sunday afternoon at 2:00 EST. We got home nine days later, about midnight on a Tuesday night (or Wednesday morning).
We drove around 5,000 miles round trip. We saw license plates from 42 states and 6 Canadian provinces. We saw forests, rivers, fields, mountains, valleys, canyons, mesas, rocks, sand, bright lights, skyscrapers, casinos, military bases, airports, messages to aliens (Yes, really! Hoover Dam has a message to future extra-terrestrial visitors) and the ocean. We had five different motel rooms in four different motels (plus an extra room for Lulu & two little girls).
We stayed up late with my sister, talking and watching cooking shows (also: Hoarders. And The Bear Whisperer, in which we learned that if a bear has taken over our garage we should tell him, "Shame on You!" Forgive me if I don't try this myself.).  We walked to two different play grounds. We walked to the grocery store. We visited a mega-church. We saw "The Strip".
We ate too much. We slept in. We played with four dogs and four bouncy girls at the same time.
We got cold. We were almost blown away by strong winds. We got sunburned. We saw turtles, an octopus, dolphins, sea lions, otters, killer whales, beluga whales, an enormous walrus, sharks, rays, penguins, sea horses, and countless fish. We played ball with dolphins and some of us got to pet them.
We rode rides. We climbed. Some of us rode a roller coaster for the first time and found the experience exhilarating and a wee bit traumatic. Some of us played endless games of Mario Kart.
We confirmed a parenting truism: The stickier the object, the more likely to be dropped.
We heard things like:
Sweet Pea: "Oh, I like the mountains, the way they're build."
"I just did a burp!"
"Are we going back to the hotel?' - this after six hours of driving on the second day
"I wish I could walk on it." - after seeing a partially frozen mountain lake.
"The bus on the wheels goes round and round..." {singing}
Tigger: "No, I'm not playing mean games. It's just she loses every game!" - on a conflict with Sweet Pea
"Oh, I don't like Kansas! No one lives in Kansas." - on the trip home
In short, we had a fabulous time, we can't wait to do it again sometime, our girls make great travelers, and yes, it's true, there's no place like home.

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Amy said...

Wow! How FUN! Almost makes me want to load up and go somewhere. Almost.

Definitely one of the best vacation recap blog-posts I've ever read! Next time, come to Texas. :)

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