Friday, April 29, 2011

News of the Day, Marriage, and What Matters

There was a wedding this morning. You might have heard about it.

Maybe you got up at [redacted] to watch it. Like, ahem, I did. I watched with my oldest daughter who sat on the couch beside me, jumping in her seat a bit because it was so beautiful and so exciting and so romantic. (There was clear jealousy on her part when I pointed out where her dad and I had stood at Buckingham Palace.)

We rarely watch TV. My children don't know much about royals (other than historical facts), celebrities, or the cult thereof. (They know that I love England and they see pictures of it - and my visit there - on our screen saver).

I mentioned all this on Facebook this morning. Some of my friends were just as excited - or more - as my daughter and I. Some didn't get what all the fuss was about.

"Why does it matter when there's real news to report?" seems to be a common feeling. And I understand that, I do. There are real things going on. Real tragedies. Real heroism.

We're praying for everyone affected by the terrible storms, for those living in places with political unrest and for those who have recently lost loved ones, including our own family.

And yet...there's a place for wedding excitement, too.

I can't help but point out: millions of people don't crowd around their TV screens (or computer screens or whatever) to watch a couple move in together. Sure, you could point out that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (the titles the Queen bestowed this morning) have been living together before now.

But it isn't the living together we all woke up in the wee sma hours to see. No, we wanted the pageantry, the dress, the solemnity, the vows.

Here's what I hope my daughter comes away with (other than just a love for England and the monarchy, although I wouldn't mind that either!): marriage matters. It does. Marriage, though mocked, though considered passe, though often treated shabbily by those who enter into it - it still matters.

And if that means a nine year old girl is now dreaming of what type of dress, train, and veil she will require, what her future groom might wear, how she will arrive at the church, and who will attend her, well, so much the better. Philip and I have already started saving our pennies for the weddings we hope are in our daughters' futures, though they will most likely be a bit, shall we say, simpler than the wedding this morning. {smile}

You can read Mona Charen's somewhat similar (I flatter myself!) thoughts in her article A Wedding: Not Just for Royals.

And, if you'd like to catch up on the events of the morning, my favorite site for British news is the UK Telegraph.

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