Saturday, April 30, 2011

Look-worthy Links 4/30/11 Edition

After another unavoidable absence, I'm back sharing more of my favorite links and the list is lengthy this week!
1. I love this dress styled with vintage brooches. In other news, I now require a red dress and many vintage brooches. Let's call it coincidence even though it clearly is not.

2. Let's just say I know some folks who need this pillow.

3. These book character silhouettes are super cute. Now I'm thinking of which other characters might be silhouette worthy. Babar? Mirette on the Highwire? Curious George...the possibilities are almost endless.

4. Did you know you can rent an entire country? If anyone doesn't know what to get me for my birthday, this would do. If you, you know, have an extra $140K laying around.

5. Cinnamon Roll Coffee Cake - yes, please. Sometimes rolling out that dough and letting it rise is just too much. This would be a suitable substitution.

6. These seem like a great step up from plain old "Crispy Rice Treats". And why haven't I thought of this before?

7. I know some little girls who would really enjoy these candy skewers.

8. S'mores Cake in A Jar. Oh. My. Goodness. Give. Me. Cannot. Use. Proper. Words. Or. Sentences.

9. I'm sure one of my girls (most likely Sweet Pea) will eventually ask for a Despicable Me party. If so, we will need to make these Minion Cupcakes.

10. If I ever have a garage, I'm doing this. Or, more likely, I'm having Philip and his mom figure out how to do this. Faux Painting is not really my forte.

11. If someone is compiling a list of what to make out of old windows (remember the jewelry organizer from a few weeks back?) this window pane coat rack is a great addition to the list. On a not un-related note: someone needs to compile that list.

12. If you don't happen to have a stack of windows for crafting, maybe this jewelry pedestal is more up your alley.

13. I still have dreams of making some stamped washer jewelry. Possibly unrealistic dreams, but dreams nonetheless.

14. These board game shadow boxes will go nicely in our future (read: fantasy) family room.

15. Coloring Pages from family photos. I've seen this idea before but this is the first tutorial I've ever seen for making them yourself.

16. This particular re-use for glass jars is lovely, although who just happens to have stainless steel straws laying around?

17. So, do you believe in these two new eating disorders? I lean toward "yes". I have thoughts on all the blogs dedicated to the second one. Thoughts that I am not exactly ready to formulate into a cohesive post. What do you think?

18. This is a great post on why parents think they can't homeschool. At the risk of sounding like a two-bit self help expert, I believe that whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right.

19. If you do homeschool, you ought to read Cindy's Annual Catalog post. Catalogs are not exactly my weak point, but the homeschool convention usually evokes a similar reaction inside me.

20. This is an extremely helpful post on Teaching Shakespeare. Polly and I haven't moved much beyond the Lamb, Nesbit, and Coville versions for children yet, but we have thoroughly enjoyed our studies so far. (Shakespeare is one of the "gaps" I'm attempting to fill for my own self.)

21. Finally, 29 Ways to Stay Creative. I'll add one: try to encourage your children's creativity. It will feed your own.

So, what did you stumble on this week?

I'm linking this to Saturday Stumbles at Simply Staci.

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Staci said...'ve been busy stumbling!! Love all the crafty links and very interesting about those 2 new eating disorders. Thanks for linking up!

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