Saturday, April 16, 2011

Look-Worthy Links 4/16/11 Edition

First things first, just in case she reads this: Happy Birthday, Aunt C! Hope it's a great one.

After a week's absence (last Saturday I was far too busy with my beautiful sister doing, um, nothing in particular, to put up a post), I've got lots of links to share, so let's get to it:

1. I vaguely remember making something like this globe light with my mother-in-law when I was a little girl. (Yes, I have known my in-laws since my early years. I'm not just using hyperbole here.) I think ours was multi-colored. And smaller. I'd love to try this version sometime. Plus, I have an IKEA within driving distance. I've been looking for an excuse to get up there...
2. I know my girls would be thrilled by this homemade sidewalk chalk. Next time they run out of chalk (As if...) we'll try this. (Side note: when I was kid we made do with a "chalk rock".)

3. I don't know if I've ever mentioned this, but I have a thing for window seats. I collect pictures of them (from magazines) for inspiration. This IKEA hacked window bench might be more likely than my "building my dream house" dream.

4. Posts about education: Scott Adams (of Dilbert Fame) talks about getting a real education. (Hint: it's more about learning to run a business than jumping through scholarly hoops.) Peter Thiel thinks we're in a Higher Education Bubble (language warning). You know what bubbles do, right? Yep. They burst. (Think Nasdaq crash or housing market bust) Definitely some food for thought between these two posts.
5. Speaking of food (how's that for a transition!), if anyone is keeping track of the cakes I would like for my birthday (someone is, right?), This Red Velvet Strawberry Shortcake is a contender.

6. So is this Caramel Macadamia Nut Cheesecake. Prince Charming can make me this one. He makes a better cheesecake than anyone else I know.

7. I'm not a big fan of pancakes, but I'd like to try these Cinnamon Swirl Pancakes soon. They might change my opinion on the whole pancake thing.

8. Philip needs to read these posts: how to make your own bread crumbs and how to make homemade croutons. As I would like to not buy those things ever again.
9. These tiny polaroid magnets are so cute. Anyone that we give gifts to, please pretend you didn't see that link. You may have some of these in your future.

10. Parenting post: Have more kids. Pay less attention to them. I can honestly tell you that, except for logistics (as in: where will they sleep and how will we drive them from A to B), having four has been no harder than two. My oldest daughters are very helpful and love their baby sister. I love to listen to all four of them playing together (they try to include Lili in their playing. Sometimes she's The Baby. And sometimes she's The Queen - apparently the Bumbo seat makes a nice throne).

So, what have you stumbled on this week? I'm linking this post to Saturday Stumbles at Simply Staci.

(Pictures are of Lili this week. Sorry for the poor quality, I didn't have time to let Philip photoshop them. We're root-root-rooting for our home team!)


Karabeth Bapt. Homeschool said...

If I'm in charge of the birthday cake this year I'll need to borrow 2 more cake pans. That means that if I'm doing it you'll be getting the red velvet strawberry cake. :)

I didn't realize Philip didn't know how to make bread crumbs and croutons. Mercy! We've been in production up here for weeks! I can't count how much of the stuff I've made recently. One further tip, though. It isn't necessary to dry the bread for crumbs (either before or after it goes through the processor) in the oven. The air will do it nicely in short order as long as everything remains in a single layer.

Loaves of Panera bread make nice croutons. We're currently somoe that I made using a loaf of Tomato-something-or-other that I got at our homeschool co-op a few weeks ago. (Yes, our co-op serves Panera. A nice perk!)

Karabeth Bapt. Homeschool said...

That was supposed to be . . . "eating some" that I made . . . (Stupid delete key!)

Staci said...

Glad you're back this week! And with some really great stumbles, I might add. That light made out of yarn is awesome!!

Thanks for linking up :)

Vicky said...

Well, if you ask me, the pictures of Lili are TOTALLY adorable! What a cutie!

MacKenzie said...

I think there is saying to the effect of quality of the pictures doesn't matter, quality of the baby does - and that looks like one quality baby you have there.

Also, I should not have looked at that r.v.s.s. cake. Now I can't stop thinking about it.

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