Saturday, April 30, 2011

30 for 30 - Things I Can Do...

in no particular order:
1. Walk and chew gum. Not sure why this is important, but I've heard it mentioned.

2. Blow a bubble gum bubble. Don't laugh. This skill is actually impressive to my children.

3. Bathe 3 girls in 30 minutes. It's that 4th one that throws a wrench in it.
4. Play the piano. In public. Without nervousness. Also: read music. This is also related to:

5. Teach piano lessons. I'm looking for some new students, FYI.

6. Carry a tune. This is actually, to judge by current pop culture, an uncommon skill. Also:

7. Sing harmony. Alto, usually. Sometimes tenor. Even when a part isn't written in. (ahem)
8. Sew on a button. My most utilized sewing skill.

9. Sew a straight line. Pillows (square or rectangle. let's not get carried away) I can manage. Cutting out patterns and sewing homemade, not so much.

10. Squash and dispose of bugs without screaming or ever actually touching the bug. I cannot, I admit, deal with bugs without flinching a bit.

11. "Roll" my tongue. This, apparently, is an inherited skill.

12. Whistle. (And I can snap my fingers, too.)
The Sound of Music (Two-Disc 40th Anniversary Special Edition)
13. Sing along all the words to "The Sound of Music." Also: Singin' In the Rain, Mary Poppins, and Oklahoma!.

14. Boil water. I've heard it said of some cooks, "She couldn't even boil water." Well, I can.

15. Bake a cake. No guarantees on what it will look like, but I can bake one.

16. Roller skate. Another skill to impress the girls.
17. Fix hurts with a kiss. Or a band-aid. Essential mother skills.

18. Get ready to go in 10 minutes. This does not, perhaps obviously, allow for a shower. But still.

19. Use a card catalog. My children like (read: tolerate) to hear my tales about "the old days" at the library.
20. Ride a bike. At least, I assume I can still ride a bike. It's been awhile. In a not unrelated note, I really need a new bike.

21. Organize things alphabetically. This is a highly useful skill. Many things should be organized alphabetically, especially movies. Right, Lulu?
22. Use neat cursive. Thanks for insisting on good penmanship, Mom. I love cursive and I think it's a shame that many schools are not teaching it any more.

23. Give stuff away. Decluttering is like a hobby to me. Query: where does all this stuff come from?!

24. Read aloud with feeling (as in: using different voices). Definitely underused skill.

25. Work logic puzzles. For fun. Except Sudoku. Numbers are not really my thing.
26. Swim, although I can't dive. And notice I didn't say I could swim well.

27. Hold down a job. Sure, most of my jobs haven't been glamorous, but I've never been fired or "let go".

28. Be alone. I'm convinced some people do not have the ability to be alone for five seconds, or sit around on a Saturday with (gasp!) nothing to do and nowhere to go. (Which is my idea of a good day.)

29. Speak in public. I have done this, albeit rarely, but so far it hasn't been a complete disaster and I haven't actually, you know, dropped dead of heart attack while doing so.

30. Pinch Pennies. One of my most called-for skills and one of my favorites. Full price shopping? Not a chance.

So, did I miss something?
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Lea Ann @WhateverStateIAm said...

We have so much in common. I won't share 30.

I'm a second gen hs'er, too.

I teach piano ... and violin.

I sing ... but soprano. sorry.

I like logic ... but I'm a numbers gal.

I absolutely am fanatical about handwriting. I am not always neat, but I rant and rave about the decline of handwriting education today. Did you know most graduates now don't know how to write?!?! Inexcusable!

I want to get to know you better. Your blog is fascinating to me. : )

"Gram" said...

Well, daughter, the inherited tongue-rolling thing obviously came from your father. I cannot do it. (And didn't we check everyone at least once? I know The Bear and I demonstrated this and the "taste" strips in his co-op biology class last year, much to the amazement of his teacher.)

You and Lea Ann (above) need to get together. I bet the duets (both instrumental and singing) would be fantastic.

And finally, you're welcome for the handwriting drills. I wish I had been as successful with The Bear. I finally gave up. Now I just concentrate on getting him to write AT ALL.

Karin said...

I'm with you on all except #5, 13 and 16! Glad I don't have to do #3 anymore - but when I had 3 foster girls in addition to our 2 girls - I could do that too. Our son was the one who loved playing with the water toys and got to do it! Oh, those are cute memories! I chuckle when I watch them bathe their 3 now!

Great list! Enjoyed all of them!

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