Wednesday, April 20, 2011

30 for 30 - Places I've Been

Well, friends, this post marks the start of a 30 day project. 30 posts of 30 thing in 30 days in the build up to my 30th birthday. Yes, 'tis true. The dreaded 3-0 is upon me. To celebrate I've made 30 lists of 30 things to share with you. Content varies, needless to say (although I just said it).

Because my big trip is fresh in my mind, I'm starting off with 30 places I've been:
1. London, England. Visited in April 2009. Had an absolute blast with my favorite fellow traveler. Very much want to go back sometime and live see it again.
2. Bath, England. Ditto. Imagined I might bump into Jane Austen. Or some cranky Roman Soldiers. Would prefer Jane Austen.
3. Edinburgh, Scotland. Amazing architecture.
4. Peebles, Scotland. Didn't love it, to say the least. See this blog post for why.
5. Glasgow, Scotland. Spent some time with some missionaries here. Prince Charming preached to about 5 people. Saw every.last.inch. of Loch Lomond. (Side note: I can't believed I didn't continue the anniversary series long enough to tell you about this!)
6. New York City, NY. Visited in June 2002 with a large group and a 6 month old Baby Polly. Did some church work (this was just after 9-11) and saw lots of sights. Wonderful trip!
7. Washington, DC. Visited in June 1999 as part of our honeymoon. Enjoyed it very much. Had a huge fight with Philip, missed our train, spent a lot of money to get on another train, made up.
8. Baltimore, MD. Visited in June 1999. Why Baltimore for a honeymoon? It was cheap air fare and close to DC. Those are the only reasons. Took in an Orioles game (watched Cal Ripken play ball!) and a few sights, including many we didn't want to see.
9. Las Vegas, NV. Visited in April 2011. Quite a sight!
10. San Diego, CA. Visited in April 2011. Part of the Great Trek West. First time to see the Pacific.
11. Phoenix, AZ. Visited in February (?) 2005. Trip with family to see Lulu.
12.The Grand Canyon (AZ) Part of the 2005 trip. It is grand, in case you're wondering.
13. Tombstone, AZ. Another part of the 2005 trip. Kitschy but nice.
14. Myrtle Beach, SC. Visited several times. First time I saw the (Atlantic) Ocean, as a 10 or 11 year old girl. (Can't remember what year we went the first time)
15. St. Louis, MO. Several times, most recently last month. When I was driving and got stuck in traffic. Memorable mostly for the Arch. Didn't know until we were driving through the city that Philip has never been up in the Arch. Must remedy that on a future vacation.
16. Mansfield, MO. This is where Laura Ingalls Wilder's Little House on Rocky Ridge can be seen. So sweet to see the house Almanzo built her.
17. New Orleans, LA. Visited in May 1997. I'm using the term "visited" loosely here. We drove around it. Flew home from Louisiana on my sixteenth birthday (the captain mentioned it over the com). Nice trip except for missing my boyfriend (yes, Philip) the whole time.
18. Orlando, FL. All-expenses-paid trip in December 2004, a gift from Philip's grandparents to the family, despite the fact that we were actually supposed to be celebrating their 50th anniversary. Saw the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, M-G-M and Disney's Animal Kingdom. Great trip! (Except for the foot of snow covering our car once we flew home on Christmas Eve. But that's another story.)
19. Glenwood Springs, CO - Part of the 2011 Trek West. Beautiful part of the country!
20. Gatlinburg, TN. Several times. Don't quite "get it". But I've been there.
21. Windsor, Ontario - Canada. This is just across from Detroit, MI, so it's not that glamorous. It's nicer than Detroit, of course. (Not hard to do. Sorry to all my Michigan friends, but Detroit is not one of my favorite places!)
22. Panama City, FL. Another family vacation. several years before the Bear was born but I'm not exactly sure which year.
23. Wilmington Beach, NC. Visited with Lulu in 2006.
24. Springfield, IL - Abraham Lincoln home. Probably 1996 but I'm not exactly sure. Good for history buffs.
25. Mammoth Cave, KY. Don't remember it, but I'm told I wanted my Grandpa to carry me through it. {wink}
26. Cumberland Caverns, TN. Several times in my teen years. Went on the "Wild Tour" twice and even slept in the cave. (I'm patting myself on the back.)
 27. Cumberland Falls, KY. Several times, although not recently. Really need to take the girls here again.
28. Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill, KY (Lexington). Once in 1995. Also took an overnight trip here in May 2004 with my in-laws. Memorable because little Polly (2) wouldn't let us sit and eat a meal in the dainty little restaurant so had to take turns with Philip administering discipline and trying to eat. One of the few times Polly has ever made such scenes in her life.
29. Topeka, KA. We were just happy to get there on the first night of our trip (April 2011). Found out the next morning that we had been oblivious to major hail and wind storms. Passed wildfires on the way back home. Not an exciting place except when it is.
30. Cherokee, NC. My family visited here in...1996? Can't exactly remember. In the beautiful smoky mountains. More interesting than Gatlinburg.

Another list of 30 things tomorrow - Candy edition! Meanwhile, where have you been?

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