Saturday, April 23, 2011

30 for 30 - Magazine Edition (Get It?)

Yes, you might say: I have issues. (But you probably shouldn't. It's a really bad pun.) Here are my favorites (asterisk denotes a magazine I currently receive):

1. Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion. One of my absolute all-time favorites that is no longer in print. (sniff). I've saved every issue I ever received.

Victoria2. Victoria. Another favorite that went out of print. It's back now but it's pricier than my usual fare. Maybe someday...

3. Country Home. Yet another out of print favorite. I have many inspiration pictures and articles torn from these, plus a stack I can't bear to tear up.

4. Better Homes and Gardens*. A classic. Love the variety of articles (decorating, recipes, family life) but I'm not so fond of the gardens part. Let's just say I am not the granddaughter that inherited Grandpa's green thumb.

Disney FamilyFun (1-year auto-renewal)5. Family Fun*. I've never paid much for this subscription but it has lots of great ideas plus I tear out all the game ideas for Philip to use at our church's children's ministry (specifically camp).

6. National Review. My favorite political magazine. I get these at the library.

World War II7. World War II. Another one I read at the library, although I would love a subscription. (hint, hint)

8. Vogue*. Yes, though you probably can't tell by the way I dress, I have a subscription to Vogue. Now you know.

9. Family Circle*. Philip's Mema has given me this for the past few years. Great magazine and many more realistic recipes than the usual magazine fare.

Reader's Digest (1-year)10. Reader's Digest*. I'm still partial to this one - one of the first "grown-up" magazines I started reading as a kid. Philip's grandmother and my own grandparents have each given us subscriptions to this as gifts.

Country Living (1-year auto-renewal)11.Country Living. One of the few decorating magazines that I enjoy that's still in print.

12. Martha Stewart Living. I used to have a subscription to this but it lapsed. Beautiful photography; beautiful but impossible recipes.

Real Simple (1-year auto-renewal)13. Real Simple. Another former subscription. A lot of "buy this to improve your life" type articles but also some great ideas and pictures.

14. Thriving Family*. The family magazine from Focus on the Family. Now with free subscriptions. Definitely recommended.

15. Harper's Bazaar*. Another fashion magazine that I'm currently getting. Oh so slightly more accessible than Vogue.

16. Town and Country*. This was a free subscription otherwise I would not be getting it. Rich people doing expensive stuff and complaining about it is not my idea of a good read.

Saveur (1-year auto-renewal)17. Saveur*. I surprisingly fun food magazine. Philip really likes this one.

Taste of Home (1-year)18. Taste of Home*. Real food from real people. Philip is not so fond of this one but I've found a few keeper recipes.

19. House and Garden. Now out of print. My favorite thing from this magazine was the editor's page. Dominique Browning has such a way with words! There aren't many magazines that I can say that about.

House Beautiful (1-year)20. House Beautiful. Survived the great magazine massacre of the past few years, though I do not currently subscribe. Princess gave me a few issues to read.

21. Christianity Today. Always thought provoking; sometimes maddening. Pastor Dad loans me these.

World22. World. A christian news magazine. I like to read these when I get the chance but the subscription price is outrageous.

23. Majesty. My favorite British magazine for keeping up with the royals. Also good history features.

24. Country Life UK. Swoon worthy. I bought an issue of this as a souvenir while we were in London. Amazing pictures.

25. People. Yes, I read this at the library. I may not watch much television but I like to be informed. (Read: I'm a very nosy person).

26. In Britain. Another British magazine that I get from the library. Great articles and photos.

Bon Appetit (1-year auto-renewal)27. Bon Appetit. Another food magazine. Slightly less accessible than Saveur.

28. Scrapbooks, Etc. A scrapbooking magazine from the folks at Better Homes and Gardens.

29. Papercrafts. Scrapbooking and card making magazine. I get this at the library.

Creating Keepsakes (1-year auto-renewal)30. Creating Keepsakes. I'd love to get this (another heavy hint). Lots of inspiration here.

So, what are your favorite magazines? And does anyone have a favorite homeschooling magazine?

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Amy said...

Fascinating! I would never have guessed you to be a magazine junkie! :)
Taste of Home and Family Fun are two of my most-reads. I get both from the library.
The boys each got magazine subscriptions from their Grandma for Christmas. National Geo. for kids for Dale, and Highlights "High Five" for Alan.

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