Monday, April 25, 2011

30 for 30 - Inventions or Technology

Things that I'm glad someone invented so I could enjoy them. (Excuse the egotism. It's my birthday month, after all.)
1.Electric lights. I'd say electricity but it wasn't actually invented by humans.

2. Air conditioning. I've lived in the hot humid south without air conditioning. It's not an experience I care to repeat. Those of you that do have my admiration but I do not intend to try it again on purpose.

3. Personal computers. Because we need this to enjoy:

4. The Internet. I miss it when it's gone. The unreliability of our connection a few weeks back showed me just how much I miss it.

5. Refrigeration. A few years back Hurricane Ike knocked out our power for a week. We never went hungry but it was much more difficult to feed everyone three meals a day.

6. Hot water heaters. A steamy, hot, long shower is one of the chief pleasures in life.

7. Cars. Let's just say Philip is not a horse person. If our family depended on horses for travel we'd never go anywhere.

8. Disposable diapers. I've had four children and changed many thousands of diapers. These have been well worth the money, in my humble opinion.

9. Airplanes (Jets). A trip that took weeks a hundred years ago only takes hours now. That's a nice perk of modern life.

10. Washing machine. Minimum input, maximum output.

11. Dryers. Sure, I love line drying clothes too. But in the rainy season (Now!) or winter, it's nice to just throw things in the dryer and have nice warm pj's for bedtime.

12. Oven. No cooking over an open flame unless we want to:

13. Gas grills. We use our grill all the time in the summer. A charcoal grill is a great smell but you can't beat the convenience of a propane grill if you just want some hamburgers for lunch.

14. Telephones. I'm not much of a talker on the phone and I never have been, even when I was a teenager. (Phone calls to Philip were the exception, not the rule) but they're still a great invention.

15. Cell phones. I have mixed feelings about cell phones. Immediate accessibility is great in an emergency and not so great other times. I'm really sure I don't need a fancy, internet connected phone. I would never do anything else if I had one.

16. Record player. My Crosley can play three types of records. I've always loved records and now I can buy whatever kind I want. But I also enjoy:

17. MP3 player. Lots of my favorite music in a case smaller than a tube of lipstick. What's not to love?

18. Radio. Some days I feel like the only adults Philip and I talk to are Rush Limbaugh or Dave Ramsey. We also listen to NPR on a fairly regular basis (we like diversity around here, what can I say?).

19. TV. I'm not crazy about TV - as I've mentioned before - but it is a powerful medium. We're using a simple antenna right now so that means we almost get to watch Masterpiece Theatre once a week. Which is just about enough TV for me.

29. DVD. I may be ambivalent about television but I love DVD (or Blue Ray. Or, years ago, VHS). Watching my favorite movies or television shows from the UK that don't play here in the states - yes, please.

30. Lawn Mowers and Weed Whackers. Utilized by someone else, of course.

31. Vacuum. I think the current "bagless" vacuums are a major improvement over the older type. (Not that I love vacuuming, of course. Nothing could make me like the chore but at least it's easier these days.)

32. Dishwasher. I could live without one. I have in the past. And I have four daughters so I could draft them into doing it by hand, if necessary, but this makes life easier and, at this point in time, I need all the "EASY" buttons I can get.

33. Personal printer. We don't even bother trying to print photos any more (that's why they created Snapfish) but we use our printer every day for Philip's projects, homeschool papers, or other household tasks. Plus, the one we have right now seems reliable {knock on wood} and it doesn't cost an arm and a leg for the ink

34. Sewing machine. I had just about figured out my machine. Now my mother-in-law has gifted me with an even better machine. I have yet to make friends with it, but I know it will come in handy soon.

35. Mixers. Yes, I'd really love this one:
KitchenAid 4-1/2-Quart Ultra Power Stand Mixer, Empire Red
But until I get it, my hand mixer still helps us make all the goodies we like to make, including homemade bread. I'm particularly glad I do not have to whip egg whites to stiff peaks by hand. What a workout that must have been!

36. Blender. Two words for you: Smoothies. Milkshakes. Another thing: I don't own a food processor but my blender can serve that purpose in a pinch.

37. Freezers. Buying in bulk wouldn't work nearly so well without a freezer.

38. Furnace & central heat. I probably should have mentioned this with #2 above. No fires to stoke, no coal to burn.

39. Cordless drills and other power tools. So Philip can hang (and re-hang) pictures on our walls.

40. Shopping malls. I'm not a big shopper, but I do like walking around in an enclosed area and eating a hot cinnamon-sugar pretzel. An indoor play place for kids is a definite perk, especially after a string of nasty weather.

So, I'm sure I forgot something. What do you think makes modern life preferable?
Edit - Thanks to Sheryl for reminding me about in-door plumbing. That one is so indispensable to my life that I didn't even think to list it!

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Sheryl said...

You left out one of my all time favorites, indoor plumbing!

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