Friday, April 22, 2011

30 for 30 - Internet Essentials

I'm not an addict. I can control it. If that's true, how come I can sit down to "check my email" and end up spending an hour on the computer? Here are a few reasons:

1. Yahoo. I have two email addresses here, one for my usual stuff and one for my blog. Try it: candiddiversions @ yahoo. com I love email! (Obviously) Also my primary source for the news of the day.

2. Blogger. Duh.

3. Facebook. I'm not into the games and all that. In fact, I blog every game that pops up on my screen. But I love the pictures and the funny status updates and... ahem.

4. Twitter. I don't follow many folks and, perhaps consequently, I am not followed by many people. That's OK by me. I love Twitter because it's like micro-blogging on those days when I don't feel like writing a full blog post. Also, I get a lot of local news this way since we don't take a daily paper. (Is it OK to use that expression if you're not 73 years old? I'm using it anyway.)

5. Del.ici.ous. This is how I keep track of all my links. One reason I've started doing a link list on Saturday is to ensure I never lose all my precious links.

6. Amazon. I could spend many hours here, not to mention many dollars. Which leads me to:

7. Swagbucks. I'm not going to get rich by using Swagbucks but I do earn a few Amazon gift cards for it. That's my referral link if you would like to join. Then we both get Swagbucks. I use the toolbar for searches and earn a few points every day. Eventually, they add up. And that means: more books from Amazon! Hooray!

8. eBAY. I don't spend as much time here these days but it can still suck me into the bidding vortex. We sell a few things here, too.

9. Etsy. Talk about a vortex. We've purchased a few gifts from here and there are some things I drool over (not literally. I only drool while sleeping.) but I haven't bought anything for myself yet. I'm afraid once I do the floodgates will open.

10. Google. Mail. Reader. Maps. It's all good. No other internet related thing has become so indispensable. "Just google it," is something we say all. the. time. here at Chez Charming.

11. Our local library website. I order books, I renew books, I browse through the catalog, I order more books...

12. Accuweather. How we check the weather every day.

13. Pandora. How I find out what music I've been missing all my life.

14. Grooveshark. More online music. Kind of like Rhapsody only free. And therefore, far superior.

15. Firefox. If you are still web surfing with I.E., what can I say? You have my pity.

16. Drudge Report. News headlines. Philip loves it more than I do. I like all the links to other papers and sites the most. I love The Telegraph (a London paper).

17. National Review Online. Especially for "The Corner". My favorites are Jonah Goldberg and Mark Steyn although I'm also partial to Jim Geraghty.

18. You Tube. Another time vortex.

19. Internet Movie Database. (IMDb) Great for figuring out why "that guy" in the movie is so familiar. Lots of great trivia here, which I file away in my "pop culture trivia" mental file. (A file which is far too large, I admit)

20. Television Without Pity. Language warning. Another place for the pop culture file. Just as derisive about the shows I watch as I am.

21. Paperback Swap. (That's my referral link) Lately I've been doing more sending than getting (sigh) but I love a "free" book and I'm sure some of mine will be available soon, so I still like the site.

22. Donna Young. My go-to site for homeschool printables and resources.

23. AddAll. An online book search that searches and compares prices from over 40 book selling sites.

24. Hulu. Free television shows and movies.

25. TV Guide. How I determine which of our multiple PBS stations (and we only use an antenna!) is showing Masterpiece Theatre.

26. Our local paper. Just in case I need local news. (Generally on election nights).

27. Savings Lifestyle. How I see what's on sale at our local grocery stores. Especially helpful if I don't get my printed store papers.

28. Humor sites like Cake Wrecks, Catalog Living, and GFY. Can take up far too much of my browsing day.

29. Political sites like Townhall, Redstate and Human Events. These are usually only a big draw during the height of election season, but, honestly, does election season ever end these days?

30. Blogs. Your blogs. Homeschooling blogs. Decorating blogs. Craft blogs. Fashion blogs. I love 'em all.

Looking over this list I can see that it's a wonder I ever get off the computer (which is one reason why I do NOT need an internet enabled cell phone!).

So, what draws you in? Tell me what I missed. I'll run the risk of yet another site to browse.I like to live dangerously like that.

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