Friday, April 29, 2011

30 for 30 - Favorite Games Edition

Games are a big deal in this house. A huge deal. Prince Charming is a published game designer. Polly has designed her own game. We don't have special "family game nights" because it's a rare day some part of our family isn't playing a game together. These are my favorites:

Revolution1. Revolution! Yes, I'm partial. Philip is the inventor of this game. And you can buy it on Amazon, which I think is way cool.
2. Tiger Stripes. No, it's not available on Amazon. Yet. Polly invented this one. You can buy it here.
3. Family Vacation. Another game by Philip, due to be published this year. Stay tuned.

4. Kingdom of Solomon. Another game by Philip, coming soon.

Apples to Apples Party Box - The Game of Hilarious Comparisons5. Apples to Apples. Not, alas, by Philip. Lots of fun for a group.

The Settlers of Catan6. Settlers of Catan.My first introduction to "Euro games". We love this one. There are also several expansions available to add twists to the game. (Cities and Knights is my favorite of these.)

Ticket to Ride7. Ticket to Ride. Very easy to learn. Also: a game title based on a catchy song which will stick in your head long after your game is finished.

Agricola8. Agricola. Probably the hardest game on my list. We play a simplified version and make Philip play 2 boards at once, taking the lowest of his two scores and he's still hard to beat.

Pandemic9. Pandemic. A cooperative game, which means every player wins or loses together.

It's Alive! Card Game10. It's Alive. Invented by a friend of Philip's. Hideous images but great fun. (Some of us have suggested that Philip create a "Build a Bear" version so that kids can play but so far he hasn't.)

Hasbro Games Monopoly Deal Card Game

11. Monopoly Deal. Much more fun than the traditional board game and it doesn't take anywhere near so long to play.

DUTCH BLITZ CARD GAME12. Dutch Blitz. This is, as the box proclaims, "Vonderful Goot Fun!" Everyone plays at once, increasing the hilarity in this game.

Scrabble Slam Cards13. Scrabble Slam. Easier for kids to learn than the board game.

SKIP BO Card Game14. Skip-Bo. A nostalgic favorite from my childhood, though Philip disdains it. (Another game Philip sniffs at: Yahtzee. He prefers strategy games over chance games, while I prefer fun games over tedious ones. We must agree to disagree on this point.)

Sequence Game15. Sequence. Philip and I played a lot of this in the early days of our marriage.

Trivial Pursuit 25th Anniversary Edition16. Trivial Pursuit. Fun for a large group. Not to toot my own horn here, but I'm basically great at this game. If only that pesky sports category would go away...

Cardinal Double 12 Color Dot Mexican Train Dominoes in Tin17. Mexican Train Dominoes. You can play this for hours. And we have.

Cranium Whoonu Tin Edition18. Whoonu. Along the lines of Apples to Apples. Fun for a mixed age group, as long as the child is old enough to read.

Pit19. Pit. A favorite card game. Everyone loves the little bell.

13 Dead End Drive Board Game20. 1313 Dead End Drive. A favorite from my childhood. Watch for this at yard sales because the Amazon price is ridiculously high.

Mille Bornes Card Game21. Mille Bornes. Another favorite card game from my childhood. Philip didn't grow up playing this one, so it's fun to play with him now. There are few games where we can confound Philip, but this is one of them.

Trouble Board Game22. Trouble. Who wouldn't love that popamatic bubble? My girls like to play this at my Mamaw's house because she still has her vintage set.

Tobago23. Tobago. A treasure hunting game.

Kingsburg24. Kingsburg. Polly and I enjoy this one. Philip bought it but he's not crazy about it. We make him play it every once in awhile.

LEGO Creationary Game (3844)25. Creationary. Great for a family or mixed age group. Kind of boring when you're not the one building but that's not a problem if you set a time limit.

Uno Card Game26. Uno. Another childhood favorite. We had one notorious game that went on for hours without ending.

Jenga27. Jenga. Some folks have suggested that I have an unfair advantage in this game due to my dextrous "piano fingers". That's just jealousy talking.

Clue The Classic Edition28. Clue. Great for building critical thinking skills in kids.

7 Wonders29. 7 Wonders. This one is fairly new to us. I've only managed to win once, but I'm hopeful that I can triumph again in the near future.

Bicycle Playing Cards30. Various card games like Gin Rummy, Speed, Golf, or Solitaire. I am not, however, a fan of poker or Euchre. I've also played many games of "War" with the girls.

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Lisa said...

7 Wonders is SOOOO easy to win- just don't pay for anything! hahaha

I still love 13 dead end drive. I actually think I still have a copy. The original copy was the best though:)

MacKenzie said...

We need to get more games - especially ones for two players. We love games but don't play as much as we should because of that (so Phillip should keep that in mind :-). Our current favorite is Carcasonne. It's a euro style game that is fun and good for just the two of us (it is fun with more than two as well)

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