Thursday, March 17, 2011

Random Things, Just Because

I'm feeling better, thanks. My hearing in my left ear is not 100%, but hey, that gives me an excuse when I can't hear the baby crying or someone calling my name. {wink}

The girls are busy playing outside with this:
Tigger bought it with her own money. Polly bought the sand to fill it. That's what I call team-work.

Now, because it's warmer than 50 degrees, the girls are agitating for their warm weather clothes. I am not ready to tackle that job. So their fashion statements of rolled up pants-legs and mismatched t-shirts will have to do.

I'm working on a series of blog posts about marriage. If I can ever manage to click "publish post", you may see it. If not, you'll know that I chickened out.

I was also working on a post about Christian Love & Liberty, but I think I really have chickened out on that one. We'll see. Our church is having revival meetings next week, so that might fire me up again.

Homeschooling is rolling along. Polly hit the Second World War and the Holocaust in History this week. I hate that my children have to learn about such things - but that's the reality of living in a sin-cursed world, I guess. Sweet Pea and I have done a week's worth of reading lessons. Yesterday she loved them, today she's decided she knows enough (All the short vowel sounds & "B").

We're getting ready for some pretty major work on our house - we're adding a room. Actually, we're taking away a covered porch and adding a bedroom. I may get a laundry room / mud room out of it, too. So instead of a tiny house, we'll be living in a small house. We may spend some time living in my sister's basement (Hey, she offered!). The girls are excited about the prospect. I'm a little worried that they consider living in someone's basement the height of achievement.

We're also getting ready to go visit Lulu. This necessitates a Great Road Trip from Sea to Shining Sea. More on that later.

Just before we go to Lulu's we have the Homeschool Convention. Anyone coming to the Midwest Convention? I'll be there all three days. You can probably find me in the exhibitor hall spending all my 2011-12 school year budget. I'll be the short, brunette woman with a six month old baby in a black moby wrap. What's that you say? That describes half of the women there? Well, I'll also be juggling a black bag, my sunglasses, and a pink & brown baby blanket, if that helps.

What's up in your world these days?


Kelly said...

If you need someone to entertain the little angels while you do the clothes switcheroo (or any other time) you know where to find me. :)

Seriously. I haven't seen your kids in almost two weeks. I need a play date!

Elisabeth said...

You are brave to let them buy a sandbox! Sand is one thing we don't do unless we are on the beach!!
Good luck with the add-on! We built on to our house when Ryan was 7 months old. It was a long 3 months of loud banging starting at 7 in the morning and lasting all day!! Not fun...
I know one mother who will be at the homeschool convention down there. Her son was in Hannah's preschool and kindergarten class. She took both her kids out of school and started homeschooling this year.

MacKenzie said...

I have the perfect spot picked out for a sandbox but I was planning on waiting until Lucy was old enough to not eat the sand but maybe I should just wait until she is old enough to buy it for herself.

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