Saturday, March 5, 2011

Look-worthy Links 3/5/11 Edition

I'm light on links this week and even lighter on pictures. It's not that fun, cute things didn't happen around here, it's just that we didn't take pictures. Something I'll have to post pictures of soon: Tigger got glasses this week. Only for reading or computer time, but they are adorable, as you might expect.

1. Brandy's post about unions is right on. That's all I'm going to say about that. (OK, I will also say this: don't miss the comments because she answers some questions there.) [/politics]

2. Cadbury Creme Eggs are one of my favorite treats ever. This instructable tells how to make them at home. I even have egg molds. (They're for making Jell-o eggs but I think they'd work in a pinch.)

3. This wrapping paper is super cool. I may have to buy a date stamp now.

4. How to turn bar soap into liquid soap - why haven't I thought of this before?! I very much dislike bar soap (so slippery, so scummy in the dish, so covered with the dirt from Sweet Pea's grimy little hands...) but I have several nice ones that have been gifts (or that I've bought on sale at the store). I'm definitely trying this method!

5. This post about cleaning thrift store finds is helpful if you do a lot of second-hand buying. (We do.)

6. Lastly, do not tell my girls about this house. Seriously. Don't. Because we're getting ready to do some re-modeling on our house and they do not need to know about this.

So, what did you stumble on this week? Do share in the comments.

Picture: a re-post of Miss Lili. Because it pictures how I feel right now. Some virus has wended its way through my house this week, in addition to everything else we did. Must. resist. the. siren. song. of. bed.


Lisa said...

That's quite a house. I not sure I could commit to all the pink but to each his own. Also, I LOVE that wrapping paper! I hope everybody feels better soon

Amy said...

Oh wow... I just read the recipe for the homemade Cadbury eggs. Yum. Greg loves Cadbury eggs, but since he is now dairy free he doesn't eat much chocolate. I'm doing some research... thinking there may be a way I can swing these without using dairy. Super excited!

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