Saturday, March 19, 2011

Look-Worthy Links 3/19/11 Edition

This was a week of catching up - having the black death the flu will do that to a family. Not to mention our internet connection is still spotty. No further reports of our phone number being used fraudulently, but I can tell you that Philip and I are just about fed up with our phone company and their "Customer Service" or lack thereof.

Anyway, on to the links, with pictures of the now famous Turtle Sandbox:
1.I've been looking up Origami Crane instructions. More instructions here. And a video tutorial here. My friend Julie is getting married and has requested paper cranes. My origami experience is, to say the least, limited. But I would like to contribute a crane or two to her wedding. I'm telling you this so you'll hold me accountable. They may be the "drunken, broken wing" type, Julie, but I'll do my best.
2. The Carnival of Homeschooling was hosted this week by my friend Renae. Check it out - it's a beautiful collection of homeschooling links!

3. Philip likes to make a cheesecake every once in awhile. And they are always amazingly good (I particularly enjoy his "white chocolate - raspberry version). He hates it when the tops crack, though (spoils the aesthetic, don't you know) so maybe these tips for fixing a cracked cheesecake would be helpful. (Side note: "Cracked Cheesecake" would be a great band name)
4. If you've read any decorating blogs recently, you've probably noticed all the starburst mirrors (some folks call them sunburst mirrors. You say to-may-to, I say to-mah-to...). Well, I think Flamingo Toes has the cleverest starburst mirror ever. If I ever have a dining room, I'm making one. Of course, by the time I get a new house and / or dining room, starburst mirrors will be so over. But I won't care. (And that right there may be why I'm not a house / craft / decor blogger)
5. These Up-Inspired Floating House pictures are awesome. Paradise Falls, here we come!

What did you stumble on this week?

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Karabeth Bapt. Homeschool said...

The aloft balloon house looks like they airlifted Blue's house (Blue's Clues).

Your first grade language arts program was based on an origami book. Betcha don't remember that one! I'm pretty sure we folded cranes because we folded everything that year. (The title of the book escapes me but the point was for you to learn how to follow written and verbal directions.)

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