Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dear Lili - 6 Months

Dear Lili,

It doesn't seem possible, but you are 6 months old today. Half a year. I think - after experience with your big sisters - that I've learned to enjoy the days and savor each baby moment with you, but it doesn't stop the time from flying by.

I didn't write you last month because it was Sweet Pea's birthday. Sometimes having sisters means having to share: toys, Daddy, Mommy and even space on Mommy's blog. That's life. However, you're still small enough to demand that everything else come to halt if necessary.
You can roll over with ease now. You try to roll where you want to go, though you usually have a parent or sibling scooping you up and returning you to where you are supposed to be (usually your play mat). You sit in the high chair now, watching us do school work, or cook lunch, or eat.

You are pretty much always happy, unless you need a nap. And then we put in your bed, cover you with your favorite blanket, and you go to sleep. Sometimes you just want some quiet time in your bed with your blanket and then you start squealing for us to come rescue you. Either way, it works. I think your favorite time is bath-time. We put you in the big tub with Tigger and Sweet Pea and you have a blast.
You don't sleep through the night yet, although you sleep in your own little bed most of the time. You still nurse exclusively. And I am perfectly OK with those things. You're also a pretty determined "Mama's Girl". The people at church who want to hold you have to send me away because, if I am in your sight, you will not consent to be held by others. I'm OK with that too. (Hey, after 3 Daddy's girls, it's nice to get one who is Mom's Biggest Fan!)

You can hold your toys, put down a toy you don't want and pick up one that you prefer. You take out your "Boppy" (pacifier) and put it back in. Unless you throw it (often), in which case you enjoy watching us pick it up for you.
In short, you are absolutely perfect. Polly said the other day, "What did we do without Lili?!" I can't imagine.

Let's try to slow down the next 6 months, OK? These six have gone by way too quickly.



Elisabeth said...

she is just sooo cute! I want to pinch those little cheeks!

Vicky said...

That was a precious post and wonderful pictures! Why do they ALWAYS have to grow up sooooooo fast?!

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