Saturday, March 12, 2011

3/12/11 - A Week in Review but No Links

1. Don't forget time change tonight - Spring forward! Even though it isn't Spring yet. Because the government knows best. [/heavy sarcasm]

2. I spent Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week in bed. Wednesday I actually managed to do school work with the girls from my bed. Thursday I got out of order to go to the doctor.

3. I have a sinus infection, my dear doctor informed me, which followed the flu or whatever it was that I had at the beginning of the week. I have impaired hearing in my left ear because of the sinus infection but no ear infection yet. So, I'm feeling a lot better but really dislike not being able to hear or smell anything. Because five senses are a good thing.

4. Lili had something too, but we're not sure what. We spent 2 1/2 screaming hours with her at the doctor (after my appointment) trying to ascertain what exactly was wrong. That didn't work. So they sent us home to let her rest and to try to get a urine sample because she was determined not to let them get one in the office. Once we had that and once Philip had rushed it back to the doctor's office, results were inconclusive. Bless the doctor who decided we could "wait and see" because by the morning she seemed a lot better.

5. Philip has been at our church's men's retreat this weekend. Which means, basically, the second I was feeling slightly better, I had to take care of a neglected house, a laundry pile taller than my head (I know I'm not very tall but still, that's ridiculous), all four girls on my own, and an empty refrigerator. Which means I had to take all the girls to the grocery with me. On a Friday evening. The first thing that happened as we got out of the van: Polly dropped my reusable shopping bags with my coupon box. Coupons blew across the entire parking lot and I had to stop the girls from running around to collect them.

That's the quick version. Here's hoping for a better week, next week. Considering it will be starting with a sleep deficit, I'm not going to hold my breath.

So, what's up in your world this week?


Kelly said...

My week was almost an exact replica of yours, minus mens retreat (Well, maybe my dad did go. Beats me - I've been incoherent.), the grocery store, and the crying baby (unless you count me, because I've been quite the sick crying baby this week.). Here's to hoping we both have a better next week!

Amy said...

Oh dear. That grocery trip on top of everything else makes me exhausted just thinking about it!
I hope you had a restful Sunday and this week is a vast improvement over last!

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