Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Question and Answer Time

Sometimes folks ask questions in the comments. Sometimes I answer there. Sometimes I email back. So now I have a question for you: which do you prefer? Do you check comments to see if there's been any follow up or do you like an email from the blogger? Or something else?

I've considered switching to some other comment system but I just can't commit yet. Anyone have a system they really love that is Blogger compatible?

Now, to answer a few questions:

1. Are you are already thinking about baby #5? - not in any specific way. But I suspect we will have Baby #5 some day. To be honest, I hope that is a little way off (I want to enjoy my Sweet Lili!) but I suppose that is ultimately up to God. And, just as an aside, I would be totally OK with more than 5 kids. Prince Charming is committed to the 5 concept for now. It's something we're praying about. And no, we are not a "quiver-full" family, nor is that our family philosophy.

2. Can we have a pronunciation guide for those baby names? - I'm guessing these are the tough ones but you can let me know if you're having trouble with another one:
Eowyn: (A' - o - win)
Briony: (Bri' - o - knee)
Yvaine: (Y' - vain)
Isolde: (Is - old' or Iz - old)

3. Julie @ Fun in the Sun asked: Does it take you long to prepare the folders for the week? When I first started this it took almost an hour to stock both folders. Now I'm down to about twenty minutes. At the beginning of the school year I figured out how many lessons we would have to do per week for each subject in order to be finished "on time". So I just put that many lessons in the folder for each week. Grading math papers (Polly's) takes me a little longer but that's because I put it off to the last possible second. I hate grading papers. (This could be why I am not interested in being a school teacher - the thought of all that grading makes me want to break out in hives)

4. Do you ever get tired of me commenting on every post?! - Nope. I, like pretty much every other blogger I suspect, love comments.

Got any questions? Fire away and I'll do my best to answer them.

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Amy said...

Tough call on the answering in comments or in email. I would say in comments.

And, yes, a matter of fact I DO have another question....
can you post the Butterscotch Oatmeal cookie recipe from Jan 21st? (Yeah, yeah, I know. I had some old stuff backed up in my reader!) :)

Elisabeth said...

I usually go back and check your comments if I have left a question or said something I think deemed a response.

Vicky said...

If I have made a comment that I am "looking" for a response to, I put a check mark in the "follow up by e-mail" box below. Other than that, I do not follow up.

As far as my blog is concerned, if I feel a comment needs a response, I follow up via e-mail, generally! Once in a while I make a comment on my post to answer someone, however.

I also have my blog set so that when ANY comment that is made, I am notified via e-mail.

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