Friday, February 11, 2011

Pitcher Picture, Or: Where I Store My Utensils

A Bowl Full of Lemons is talking about utensil storage today: drawer or container?

I just had to share my little pitcher. Some folks (coughPhilipcough) think this pitcher is ugly, but I love it. Maybe because it's ugly, who knows. I can be contrary like that.

Any way, these are the utensils we keep right by the stove. We also have a drawer for the over-sized and smaller items. These wooden spoons and spatulas are the things we reach for most often.

I guess that makes our answer to the drawer or container question: both. (That happens a lot around here. "Both" or "all of the above" must be our favorite answers to life's little and big conundrums)

I love this pitcher and seeing it every day. I will not being sharing a picture of our drawer. No way, no how. Maybe some day. It's organized and pared down to the essentials (small house dwellers here, remember) but it is not picture worthy. I dream of new cabinets and drawers. Someday.

So, where do you keep your utensils?


MacKenzie said...

I do both. Some are in a cute metal vintagey looking pitcher that always makes me want to buy flowers to put in it. Some are in an ugly vase. And some are in a drawer. Hmmm...maybe we need to get rid of a few things. But half of them end up on the floor to keep Lucy occupied so I need lots.

Elisabeth said...

I bet that even tho our house is bigger than yours (3 BR so I'm assuming the rest is bigger as well) I bet your kitchen is bigger than ours. I don't know what they (Brad's great uncle) were thinking when they built this kitchen! It is SUPER tiny. Anyway, the whole point is that we have very limited countertop space and cabinet/drawer space but all our utensils are in a drawer. Partly b/c we have soooo many utensils but mostly b/c I can't spare any of my counter space! =) Do you ever get tired of me commenting on every post?!

Lisa said...

I have both as well. The things I use most often are in a cream jar on the counter, and all my other gadgets are in the drawer.

p.s I'm glad you'll be here in a few months so you can organize my kitchen again lol

Vicky said...

I have both as well. The big utensils I use all the time are in a crock on the counter by the stove. I have a drawer for measuring devices/baking utensils and a drawer for the "other" stuff! I could probably trim down somewhat, but just as soon as I do, I need what I just got rid it all stays! :D

Vicky said...

And, btw, I LOVE your pitcher!!!

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