Monday, February 7, 2011

A Monday In Which I Ramble

Today is gloomy and the snow is all kind of, I don't know, depressed looking. It's in that mostly melted but still not all the way gone stage.

Last night was, you may have heard, a major sporting event. We ended up having an impromptu party with my parents and the Bear since we were the only ones with access to the game (although our antenna was a bit spotty at times).  We let the girls stay up for the game since they all decided, yes, they are very interested in football all of a sudden.

I don't mind the staying up but there were several commercials I wish they could un-see. Sigh. Nothing like a vivid reminder why we don't "do" television or commercials around here.

Apparently we were cheering for the Packers, so our family is cheery this morning. We won! I guess. Prince Charming tried to explain to me the "Pantheon of Evil Football teams" as taught to him by his dad, but I wasn't really getting it. So, whatever. It's football and I can't be bothered to care too much.

Anyway, the Packers won and my girls are happy. Because, as I said, evidently they are cheese heads now. Who knew?

This morning, our neighbor dropped by. This is unusual at any time of day since she just moved in last year and we don't know her well, but we were glad to see her - she had a paycheck for Prince Charming delivered to her mail by mistake. (Philip is paid quarterly for his game sales) We were starting to wonder what had happened to that check - so thankful for that honest neighbor, even if she did come over before we were (ahem) awake.

Our plans are basic for the day: finish necessary school work (Memory Work, Reading, Bible, Math, History) go to the library, make blanket forts in the livingroom, play with the baby, and maybe, just maybe, some laundry - be still my heart.

What's up on your Monday?