Saturday, February 26, 2011

Look-worthy Links 2/26/11 Edition

What a week! One of the many things that made this week a bit better - our modem & phone line seem to be "magically" fixed, without the repair man coming to our house.

Rather makes one think that the problem was on their end, does it not? Anyway, everything seems to be working fine now. And, despite my dramatics, I did have time to read a few blogs this week. Here are some posts that interested me (with a few pictures of Sweet Pea's first-of-several parties this week):
1. Homemade Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups. This isn't a blog I'd follow (no need to get into why) but someone else linked to these this week and all it took was the title. Sounds delicious and not too difficult. Have to keep this in mind for those dire chocolate shortages (not that said shortages happen around here all that often!).

2. The 5 Best Toys for Kids. An ironic post, since we just had Sweet Pea's birthday and visits from various grandparents this week. (Read: we've been abundantly blessed with new toys, clothes, and, in my case, a new sewing machine!)
3. Forget Mandarin. Latin is the key to success. Polly and I are enjoying her Latin lessons. Occasionally, Philip steps in to correct both of us but that hasn't happened too often, since our curriculum is fairly gradual, allowing us to learn alongside each other. I don't know about Polly yet, but I can already see the benefits to learning Latin for myself.

4. Waiting on Your Late Bloomer. This sweet post is a wonderful reminder that children have their own strengths and will learn best when allowed to learn at their own pace. I haven't had to test my resolve on this question yet (so far my children have been on target for learning phonics or math skills) but it's good to be reminded with a success story every once in awhile.
5. How to Make a Franken-Blanket.What a great idea! Prince Charming and I could have used this early in our marriage. (Imagine much blanket tugging.) It's not so much that our internal thermostats are that different (although he's always a bit colder than I am) but we like different types of blankets on our bed. If you're wondering who won that particular tug-of-war, then the answer is: we compromised. However, our compromise still means we have two of his kind of blanket on the bed. Oh, well. At least we don't make the bed with the sheets upside down any more. (Ahem. Another difference we brought to our marriage. And some people thought there weren't any!)

6. Butterfly Specimen Art or Butterfly Wall Collage. I want to do something like this if / when we get the girls' room addition built. I think it would be sweet in the older girls' room. We'll see. First we have to actually build the room. There isn't any place to hang something like this in their current room - all the walls are already filled with art, shelves and windows!

So, what caught your eye this week? I'm a little behind in my blog reading but I'd love to catch up!

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Staci said...

Love the post on toys. They really foster creativity and imagination. Thanks for linking up!

MacKenzie said...

I made these ( for Craig for valentine's day and they were delicious! But I was lazy and just made a 9x9 pan instead of small cups.

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