Saturday, February 19, 2011

Look-worthy Links 2/19/11 Edition

What a week! Unseasonably warm days and (ahem) unnecessarily grouchy ones too.But no need to dwell on that! On to the links (and this week's pictures of Miss Lili Bug):

1. If you read one story this week, let it be this one. Do you ever feel like "the experts" don't know as much as they would have us believe? Well, the little boy in this story is challenging experts all over the world. He "should" be a "vegetable" or worse. But he isn't. Praise God for His infinite mercies and that the wisdom of this world is still being confounded.
2. These pictures captured Philip's imagination this week. I guess this could mean a lot of posing on the couch with my legs sticking straight out, if he decides to attempt the technique. {smile}
3.One thing we can expect in a houseful of girls: moodiness. This post about homeschooling girls and helping our daughters manage their hormones really encouraged me. Honestly, it also made me shudder a little bit. With 9 years between Miss Polly and Miss Lili, we are going to be "in the midst of it" for a long time.
4.Ever wonder how to make homemade sprinkles? Now we know.
5. These family picture magnets are cute and easy to make.Once again, if you get gifts from our family, try to forget I mentioned them. 'Cause they will most likely be showing up in a gift bag near you some time in the future.
6. This post reminded me of everything I loved about the book 168 Hours. We don't need more hours in the day, more days in the week or whatever. We need to wisely manage the time God has already given us. Sure, there's always something else. But if our priorities are right, then the right things are getting done and we can finish a day with a sense of accomplishment instead of grief.

So, what caught your eye this week?
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Karin said...

Thanks so much for sharing all your finds! Loved your choice for story of the week! Incredible! Your baby pics are adorable!

Stephen said...

Cute pictures!

Vicky said...

GREAT post! Enjoyed all the links!

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