Saturday, February 5, 2011

Look-worthy Links - 2/4/11 Edition

Snow. Snow and ice and sub-zero temperatures. And, in other news, more snow, ice and cold. (Can you tell I'm just a bit tired of winter?) Never mind all that - on to the links!
1. These glass jewelry pendants are amazing. And I think I could make them if I tried. So,those of you who receive gifts from me, be forewarned: you may be seeing these again.

2. One thing we have an abundance of, in this house full of girl: pretty tights. This post about making your own by salvaging ripped tights and using bargain knee socks? Brilliant. My girls love getting new tights. (Tip: Target has some girls' tights on clearance right now.)
3. How weird is that I dream of having built in bookshelves? (Please don't answer that!) These Billy bookshelves from IKEA have been made to look like built-ins, a much more affordable option than traditional built-ins. Now the only questions are: where could I put them? And can I get Prince Charming to make me some?

4. Living in a small house requires that I be diligent in purging unnecessary items from our closets, basement and bookshelves. My Achilles heel: sentimental items. Yes, for a generally practical person I am strangely affected by birthday cards and Christmas cards and "just because" notes. This post about organizing greeting cards really resonated with me.

First, because "the stack" method is one I'm sort of using anyway. And second because Rachel of Small Notebook is absolutely right when she reminds us, "The fewer things you keep, the more special they are." That's going to have to be my new organizing mantra.
5. My girls would love a playroom space like this. Philip could design an awesome little play land for their toys. And then, they would take care of it and always put their toys away and never fuss over who "got the pretty Polly Pocket". OK, probably not. But a mom can dream.

6. Sara's book wall is beautiful. We are going to do this. Just as soon as I figure out where. I'd pretty much love to do it on every wall in our house, but I guess that's not going to work.
7. This post, titled Why Can't I Be More Like Her? Made me think. I've been blogging for several years now. Success hasn't come to my blog the way it has for some. And sometimes I look at posts about parenting with complete calm and making a hot breakfast every morning, or homeschooling without ever losing a pencil, math book or temper, or buying groceries for a week with so many coupons the store owed them money, or decorating a fabulous living room with goodwill finds, a can of high-gloss black spray paint and some cattails or...

You get the idea. I am not those people. And that's going to have to be OK, because I will never be those people. Although I still have hopes on the grocery front.

8. Finally, my most important link of the week. I've mentioned that Prince Charming designs board games (you can see one of his games in my left side bar.) Now, Polly has designed a game!

If you'd like to see a video of Polly (and you'll even hear her real name! Bonus for you faithful blog readers!) explaining how to play the game she's invented, and how to order your own copy, check out this video. Stick around for the whole thing - there's a Sweet Pea bonus at the end.

This post is linked to Saturday Stumbles at Simply Staci. (Say that five times fast!) What have you stumbled on this week? Come share!


Staci said...

Oh my word! I can't decide which I like best...the super cute tights, the book wall, glass tile pendants....

You got a bunch of good ones. Thanks for linking up!

Amy said...

Love, love Polly's video! Well-done! And the game looks fun, too. I can imagine us playing that around here. Might give us a break from Candyland and Battleship. ;)

Also need to look into that "Why can't I be more like her" post. Hmm....

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