Wednesday, February 16, 2011

In Which Tigger Hits a Major Milestone

Yeah, I know, I posted this picture just the other day. But Tigger is wearing this shirt again today (it's her fave, don't you know) so I'm reusing the picture.
Tigger finished all the phonics lessons in this book today:
The Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching ReadingOrdinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading.

That's right - with the completion of the word Supercalifragilisticexpealidocious (that is the last lesson in the book), I now have two official readers.

So you can imagine the excitement around here today. Tigger then asked, "Can I still read to you every day? And can I choose the book?"

Of course I told her she could. I asked what her first choice would be and she said, "Probably Go Dog, Go, because that's my favorite."

Sounds good to me.

You know what else sounds good to me?

Starting this girl in the phonics book:

'Cause she is ready. And whatever Polly & Tigger can do, Sweet Pea must do. So I suspect our phonics guide will not be shelved very long. If you're wondering how to teach your child to read, I highly recommend this book. It's inexpensive, there are no pictures, and, most important of all, it works. I have two happy daughters that prove it.

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ginellebaskin said...

I may have to get that book! Owen's turning 5 next month, and I've been wondering what I should be doing with him to teach him to read. Thanks for the suggestion!

Karabeth Bapt. Homeschool said...

Congratulations to Tigger for finishing her phonics book! I'm so proud of her!

So, we have a new generation of "Go, Dog, Go!" fans, eh? Uncle Bear would be glad to hear it. :)

Vicky said...

YAY to Tigger!

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