Thursday, February 10, 2011

Homeschool Boxes

One organizing tip that gets repeated a lot is "store like things together." This would seem to suggest that all pencils, all staplers, all crayons, etc. should be in the same place. (Neatly labeled, of course.)

Well, I am not an organization blogger but I am here to tell you that we pretty much ignore that "rule", in certain cases anyway. What works for us: individual school boxes. Yes, a pencil box just like you might have in any school classroom.
This is Polly's box. (The girl loves pink. Her work folder is pink, her box is pink, her room is pink...I could go on, but I won't.)

What's in Polly's box? I'm so glad you asked:
Pencils, an eraser, colored pencils, note cards, a stop watch and a math kit (ruler, compass, etc. We found this kit on clearance at Target, otherwise I would have bought the items individually and tossed them into the pink box along with the other things.).

This is everything Polly needs on a regular basis (as in: every single day). And if I could trust the littlest girls with scissors, she would have those too, but I can't so scissors are stored all together in our "office" drawer. (We small house dwellers don't have dedicated school rooms or offices, so an office drawer must suffice)

Tigger has a box too. Hers is blue and it has pencils, crayons, a ruler, a practice clock and probably some money since she's learning about coins and their values just now. Once again, no scissors or glue, even though she needs those almost every day. We can blame Sweet Pea for that. The child has cut her own hair more than once. And glued things that ought not to be glued, also more than once. That's just how she rolls.

Also, no markers. Markers are verboten in this house after the two middle girls decided to tattoo themselves awhile back.

Sweet Pea has her own folder and box, just in case. Hers usually has things like crayons, pretty pencils (no boring yellow #2 for Sweet Pea, thank you very much) note cards and whatever else she decides she needs for school. I keep her folder stocked with printed worksheets, alphabet flashcards and such.

Work folders and pencil boxes work for us, at this point and in this house. This post is linked to Helpful Homeschool Hints at Many Little Blessings.


Elisabeth said...

I'm glad to hear my house isn't the only one that contains children who have used markers inappropriately and cut their own hair (that was Ryan)!

Vicky said...

I always LOVED stocking the kids with NEW "stuff" at the beginning of the school year!

Angie @ Many Little Blessings said...

I just love school boxes! I can't help it. LOL

Each of my kids has their own tool turnabout thingee where they have all of their own supplies. It has been so much easier since they've each had their own things organized like that.

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