Wednesday, February 9, 2011

From Sweet Pea, With Love

Sweet Pea would often be better named Buster. Or Stink Weed. Or Miss Nosey-Know it All. Or Sure I'm the Youngest But I will Boss Everyone Anyway. You can see why we stick with "Sweet Pea". It's just simpler.

Anyway, many times part of Sweet Pea's bedtime routine is ostentatiously "wiping off" all the kisses she gets from the rest of the family.

Prince Charming and I have always told her that kisses can't be wiped away, wiping just rubs them in. (Yes, we like to mess with our children. It's one of the primary joys of parenting, OK? Don't judge.)

Tonight, after prayers, Sweet Pea lovingly and gently kissed everyone and allowed us to kiss her. She gave me an extra for good measure since she was sitting on my lap.

"I'm letting the kisses sink in tonight, Mama," she told me.

And my heart, it melts. Looks like Valentine's came a little early for Sweet Pea this year.


Karin said...

Awwww, that's so sweet!! Enjoy these precious moments.

Vicky said...

See, she really IS a Sweet Pea! :D

Lisa said...

I LOVE my sweet pea!

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