Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What Works For Lili

Something we've learned about Baby Girl #4: she doesn't believe she's a baby. She has big sisters with which to keep up. She has things to do. Places to go.

She's just not sure how to go about it, seeing as she can't even reliably roll over yet, much less crawl or walk. And, while she's been an expert at holding her head up pretty much since she was born, sitting unassisted is a no-go at this point.

What's a girl to do? What all the stylish babies are doing these days (or so she hears):
Yes, it's a Bumbo seat. Dumb name, great product.

Now, when the older sisters have their approximately 17, 432 Polly Pockets or 27, 435 Barbie type toys out (but never at the same time - you do not want to see the throw down if Miss Pocket and Barbie try to inhabit the same space) she can be right in the middle of the action, sitting, as it were, on her regal throne and bestowing her (somewhat moist) smiles on the fun.

Which is, as far as we can tell, exactly where this baby wants to be.

We figure this will work for a little while. At least until she figures out how to grab the toys. Then all bets are off.

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Vicky said...

Well, that gadget is a lot cuter than the OLD walkers with the wheels and the pillows and/or blankets used to "prop" a baby up for the same effect of them being able to be in the middle of the action!

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