Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Reset, Reboot, Re-Something, Anything!

It's a new year! (I'm sure you already got the memo on that) New years, whether they be school years, calendar years, fiscal years...OK, I'm running out of "years", anyway, new years make me introspective and inspire me to organize, declutter, and just basically start over in many different ways.

Everything needs to be reset sometimes, or "rebooted" if you will. If our super fabulous computer occasionally needs it, I know I do.

The ways I've learned to "reset" myself:

1. Back to basics. Especially when coming off the binge of a holiday season, a new baby or whatever. Purposeful time with God, attention to basics for our family (clean dishes, clean clothes, relatively clean people, though not necessarily in that order), and focus on things that have been slipping by. Bake. Cook. Clean. Working in the kitchen is good for the soul. Cleaning up the kitchen seems to bring order to all of the house. Baking (or cooking) seems to bring more than nourishment for the body. I'm not sure why that is, but it's true around Chez Charming.

2. Breathe. Really breathe. In the labor class I took before Polly was born, lo these many years ago, the instructor taught us to take cleansing breaths: in through the nose, out through the mouth. Sounds crazy, but it's like magic.

3. Bring on the Books. Specifically inspiring books. Books about people who have achieved something, books by people who know - really know - something about God, books that matter. Or, re-read some of my commonplace book. (Side note: I just started a new one! I am ridiculously excited about this.) And don't forget the Bible. I'm not just saying this because I ought to. The days I don't read my Bible while I have my breakfast just don't go right. (However, as I am currently reading through Leviticus, I might wait until after breakfast. Special K and laws about skin disorders do not go together.)

4. Banish the petty, the distracting and the unworthy. I had to remind myself of this today. (Warning: I'm going to preach to myself here. You're welcome to eavesdrop, if you're into that sort of thing.) Lately a few of the blogs I read on a regular basis have been singing the praises of a person that I've met only once. They've talked about her graciousness, her beauty, and so on. The thing is, when I met her she was catty, rude, and self absorbed. Talk about a disconnect! However,other people praising her doesn't take anything from me, and even if it did, I shouldn't descend into cattiness myself. Plus this person has just had a personal tragedy strike her family so how small a person would I have to be to continue to begrudge this person her blog friends? Too small.

5. Begin again. It's a new year, a new week, a new day, a new minute, a new story, a new page, a new road, a new path - God has graciously given us many opportunities to begin again, no matter what came before, no matter what we've left undone, no matter how difficult it is to "forget those things which are behind." (Philippians 3:13)

How do you reset? And if you've got any suggestions for me, let 'em fly in the comments. I can always do with a few more methods for a re-boot.

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Vicky said...

Great advice!

Just for the record, I DO NOT miss the "cleansing breath" days!!! :D

Sorry, no other advice to help in your re-boot! Besides, I think you're doing just fine!

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