Thursday, January 27, 2011

Multi-Pocket Folder Homeschool System

OK, it doesn't have the same ring as "Work Boxes", I admit. I've posted about this before (in August 2010). I came up with this system as an alternative for the workbox system all the cool homeschoolers were talking about. We - currently a family of 6 - live in a small, two bedroom house. We barely have space for all our books (and they are many, I admit) much less an intricate system of boxes for each child in school.

These folders (side note: ours are slightly different from the picture) serve a similar function and have really helped our school year. All of Polly's assignments for each of her subjects are written out and filed in the folder. Worksheet pages, cd's she needs, flash cards, etc. are placed in the appropriate pocket (I labeled each pocket with my trusty label maker). Everything she has to do for the entire week of school is in her folder.

Fourth Grade, to my mind, was time for Polly to begin transitioning to managing her own work. The interesting part is, since I made a folder for Tigger (1st grade) she has been learning to do the same thing.

Nicest perk: it eliminates all questions along the line of "When will school be over? Am I done yet?" My girls like to finish the work in four days so they have Friday (mostly) "off". I can imagine the indignation if I tried to get them to do that much work in four days but since they can see what has to be done, they do it.

Of course most subjects still require Mom or Dad to assist or explain the lesson, especially for Tigger. It's amazing to hear her working on what she can do alone while I get something else done, though. (Nursing the baby or switching the laundry, among other things.)

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