Saturday, January 8, 2011

Look-worthy Links - 1/8/11 Edition

I'm definitely hoping to watch this new mini-series, starting Sunday night. British, Edwardian period dress drama? Yes, please.

As if education in the United States wasn't already in trouble, now it's being infiltrated by the Chinese? Yet another reason to be glad God has called my family to homeschool. (Common Sense: money, whether from our government or another, is never, ever "no strings attatched.")

My wonderful friend Rachel (seriously. Everyone should have a Rachel in their lives) made me some terrific Spiced Chai Latte Mix back when Lili was born. I think this recipe is pretty close and I'll probably be trying it soon - just as soon as I have my last cup of what Rachel made. (Yes, I've been rationing it. It's good stuff!)

Speaking of good stuff, this Nutella fudge recipe sounds great. But then, anything with Nutella as an ingredient would have to be good, right?

I forgot to mention this back when I first read it, but I think this story is pretty cool. A news story about ancient Roman statues off the coast of Israel? Definitely strikes my imagination.

My sisters and I seem to be drawn to flannel shirts these days. Maybe this tutorial would help us prettify some thrift store finds. I think we'll get Lulu to try it first, she stands the best chance of actually getting it right. What can I say? My sewing machine is just as temperamental as its owner.


Karabeth Baptist Homeschool said...

(Am I the only one who can't see the links?)

Karabeth Baptist Homeschool said...

Never mind. I'm mumbling to myself, "Run the cursor over the words. Run the cursor over the words," and low and behold: they show up! :)

MacKenzie said...

1) I had not heard of that mini-series and am so glad you mentioned it because I am very much in the need of a nice period drama to take my mind off of life. I will have to tell my mom to watch it too. Technically, we are moving tomorrow, but I will surely be in need of a break by then right?

2)The recipe looks very good but what if it isn't and I waste a whole cup of Nutella? Tragic! But maybe it is worth the risk.

Lisa said...

I DO love that shirt. I'll have to try that lol. Thanks for sharing ;)

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