Saturday, January 29, 2011

Look-worthy Links - 1/29/11 Edition

1. This ribbon organizer is brilliant - no special tools required, not complicated at all.

2. I think I could pull off this no-sew shirt refashion. That is, if I could get over cutting into a perfectly good shirt.

3. An unexpectedly thoughtful post from the same guy who writes "Stuff Christians Like." The Trouble with Fruit.

4. Four Squares has a post about her "Strictest Relaxed Classical" Homeschooling method. Which is very much like our approach. 

5. Prince Charming and I went to the movies last night. (Pause here to get over the shock. What's more: thanks to coupons and such we managed to have dinner and a movie for $25. I know. I couldn't believe it either.)

Here's the trailer for what we saw:

Come back Monday to see my full review.

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