Saturday, January 22, 2011

Look-worthy Links - 1/22/11 Edition

1. Lost that blogging mojo? Sarah's got some ideas on how to get it back. (language warning)

2. Board games abound here at Chez Charming. I wonder if Prince Charming would let me take some apart for this storage project?

3. Next birthday cake (Sweet Pea's is in February) I need to remember that you can make a perfectly cool cake with Playmobil people. 'Cause we have a few (or a thousand) handy.

4. A blog dedicated to chocolate? What a fabulous idea. How have I never seen this place before?! I'd like to go on record requesting this menu for my birthday. Or Mother's Day. Or, you know, pretty much whenever.

5. Ever find yourself wondering why it's wrong to end a sentence with a preposition? Or why "hopefully" is almost always misused? Grammar Girl is here to help with such sticky questions.
This video might help too: