Friday, January 21, 2011

Finer Things Friday - The Magic of Homemade Cookies

The good: we allow the girls to request desserts (and favorite meals). Doesn't always happen, but they are allowed to ask.

The bad: we require a certain amount of supper to be eaten in order to have dessert.

The consequence: the child who requested a specific type of cookie had not eaten her supper. So the rest of us were going to be eating up "her" cookies.

Yeah, it's a hard knock life around here.

The Finer Thing: before any of this child's grandparents feel the need to come rescue her from her Big Mean Parents, let me assure you that simply the threat of no dessert worked its magic yet again.

Homemade Oatmeal-Butterscotch Cookies for the win!

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Elisabeth said...

Glad we aren't the only big mean parents! Ryan is just like I was, tho, he'll give up dessert any day if if means he doesn't have to eat something.

Karabeth Baptist Homeschool said...

Don't make me come down there! :)

Vicky said...

It is true what Liz said! Couldn't get her to eat even if the dessert was her absolute favorite! I chuckled at your post! Have you seen the poem of "I Have the Meanest Mother?"

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