Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dear Lili: Four Months

Four months! You are officially not a newborn any more. You're still a cuddly, loving baby (I can't get enough of your slobbery, enthusiastic kisses!) but you are increasingly aware that there is life beyond Mama's lap.
We put you in your Bumbo seat while your sisters play. We put your play-mat right in the middle of things (Side note: we have not put batteries in this thing, so no flashing lights or "music", but you love it without those things). You have a favorite toy already - the little baby doll in these pictures. We say that you're kissing her, but it's just as likely you're trying to eat her.
You can roll over from tummy to back. We suspect you can go the other way, too. But you're not interested in being on your tummy when you can oh so easily flip to your back.
We're not sure how much you weigh now, since you haven't had your check-up but there's no doubt you're growing
You talk all.the.time. You squeal and laugh and sometimes it sounds like you're singing. Before we know it, you'll be standing up in church to sing with your older sisters.

Some things we call you other than your actual name or Lili: Baby Cakes, Sweet Cheeks, Lili-(middle name), and Little One.

The 28th of this month is the anniversary of when I found out you were coming. That was kind of a crazy day but now it's hard to imagine living life without our Little Lili.


MacKenzie said...

So cute! I've tried to get Lucy to attach to a dolly but no luck yet. I think it's so adorable when they do that though

Kelly said...

Oh, yes. Fear not congregation: the baby isn't actually crying when she realizes it's Kelly holding her, she's singing! Of course, I knew it all along. ;)

Julie Munroe said...

She is a beautiful baby... and those cheeks! Oh my. Such kissable cheeks. :)

Vicky said...

She is growing so fast! Wonderful post from momma!

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