Friday, December 10, 2010

The Twelve Days of Christmas

Warning: This post contains Amazon Associate links. Any action taken with these links could result in compensation for me. Opinions are my own and I encourage you to check your library or paperback swap first - these books are worth it!
The Twelve Days of Christmas : A Pop-Up Celebration
There are several great versions of this, both musical and printed. Here are a few of our favorites (note: these are Amazon Associate links. Using these links may result in financial compensation for me):

The Twelve Days of Christmas: A Celebration and History. By Leigh Grant.Gorgeous illustrations, with extensive information at the back about each gift. Hard to find now (ours is a discarded library copy). This would be a great book to use in a homeschool unit study about Christmas. Hmm, we may need to do this next year. Unfortunately for my kids, unit studies are not really my thing but we could pull one off if I planned it right.

The Twelve Days of Christmas. By Louise Brierley. Lovely illustrations, simple text of the song.

The Twelve Days of Christmas.  By Robert Sabuda. A favorite! My girls love this book so much, I suspect we will have to buy another copy to replace our increasingly "well-loved" one.

And then, there are the musical versions. It seems like nearly every artist you can think of has recorded a version of this song. But here are a few favorites:

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